Reader’s Voice:Aam Aadmi Party rose out of nowhere and within a matter of months charmed its way into the hearts of its followers. As Delhi goes to vote tomorrow, what really lies in the fate of AAP?

1st Dec 2013, was the first day when I campaigned for a ‘Political Party’. Yes, finally I participated in Aam Aadmi Party’s political campaign. Did I actually get to do that? I still cannot believe but for sure I am happy and immensely satisfied. The reason is because the act was out of a call right from my ‘heart’. I can’t imagine a Political Party calling for volunteers to campaign for them and people actually turning up. I contributed eight Hours of my time and an auto fare of Rupees 60 which  to reach Indraprastha Park from the Mayur Vihar Extension Metro Station to distribute campaign material to voters. If I can feel so strongly for a Political Party then why can Delhi’s polity not make AAP as its next Government?

AAP Ka ‘Dilli-Dil-Se’ Connection

While distributing campaign material at the traffic signal on the Ring Road near the Nizamuddin Bridge, I witnessed to my amazement that people on their own were asking for those AAP’s trade mark ‘Gandhi Topis’. One man asked for two more caps for his kids at home. One lady in a car quickly donned the cap on herself and on to the head of person driving the car. The caps were so much so in demand that as BJP commercialised Namo’s speeches by selling tickets for it, I think AAP could have made crores if it would have started selling them. I was amazed because all my life I never ever had seen an ordinary non-political civilian asking for Political Party’s signage and taking pride in wearing it as a souvenir. Great job done by the AAP’s core team and the workers. While standing on the streets with AAP’s Placard in my hand with other people, there were collective chants of ‘is baar chalegi Jhadoo’, one lady in her 50’s walked across greeting me with ‘Vande Mataram’, a teenaged girl came to me asking for the AAP’s cap. She questioned, “Uncle are you really doing this for ‘Free’ and I replied, “No beta its not for free, I am doing this for my own sake.”. She smiled, thanked me and walked away. So now Arvind Kejriwal has a bigger responsibility of not breaking his Party followers’ hearts.

Arvind Kejriwal’s Politics Tutorials

I have seen a sea of change in the ‘style and conduct of politics’ in these elections, not only in Delhi but nationally. Arvind Kejriwal has made old and known political stalwarts ‘Pack the Punches’  and not only that but also get photographed and projected in that posture. I can see Raga-Namo trying to establish direct communication with the ‘truck laden’ crowds at their political rallies. All of a sudden these Political Parties got patriotic with chants of ‘Vande-Mataram’ ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ at the beginning and end of their speeches. Madam Sheila Dixit was too seen interviewed inside her Kitchen, having her meal with reporters. Kejriwal has managed to make these  party leaders understand that they had really lost connection with the polity. They are now struggling to find bases in the society because honest cadre which was with them has already joined the AAP.

Arvind Kejriwal also taught these old party leaders to shun there bad habits of categorising themselves as elite and unapproachable under the disguise of security concerns by denying Police protection for himself. I think these leaders don’t need security from outer threats but from the real disgust of constituents in their constituency. They want to be indoors always so that no one can ask questions. Arvind has made the ‘Political Mall’ transform into ‘Rajneeti Haat-Bazar’.

By Vikas Thakur

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