County Taiwan’s giant transparent glass-stiletto has garnered ample enormous popularity in media. Here is what you must know about this glass stiletto.

The transparent 17 meter (55-foot) giant structure in Chiyai County has already become an eye-candy to hordes of visitors even before its official commemoration. This glass sculpture is designed with a purpose to hold inside weddings and all that jazz.

taiwan county glass shoes What Is So Special About This Newly Built, Giant Stiletto?

Indeed, there has to be a great driving force that is pulling in swarm of visitors. The crux, must-worth a mention, of this article I chose to curate, is to bring into limelight County Taiwan’s endeavor to honor its women.

This, constructed stiletto is Taiwan’s tribute to those distraught women whose limbs had had amputation at the expense of drawing out arsenic-poisoned well-water. Albeit, the plight of those women who could not then after sustain an ordinary life, neither, grace themselves with their wedlock, can be taken care of, but, bare least, the country took over an initiative to familiarize the world with what they underwent through.

giant glass stiletto taiwan What Is So Special About This Newly Built, Giant Stiletto?

“Basically, this is built not only to remind us of the time when people suffered from the disease, but also to represent our hope that women can now realize their dreams of walking toward their blissful future in their high-heels,” said the county government head Helen Chang.

Such efforts by government keep the womankind inspirited and hopeful. Wish, India too does this to her women and renders them confidence.

By Prerna Daga

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