Why has the ruling BJP government granted special Presidential level security privileges to Robert Vadra at the cost of the tax payers’ hard earned money?

News: Robert Vadra’s special security is being reviewed by the Home Ministry.

Who is Robert Vadra? Why was he given special security at the cost of tax payers’ money? Why was he allowed to pass customs without any frisking? Was he any top government official? Any Minister of the UPA government?

Double Standards

Friends, do you all remember how big of an issue the same Congress had created on Snoopgate? Congress kept asking why was special security protection was being given by the government of Gujarat to private person? Who is the lady? All women’s’ rights organizations and human rights activists working for the Congress propaganda were questioning how the Gujarat government can use public funds to provide security to just anybody on the road. Do you all remember that?

What position does Vadra Hold?

robert vadra weds priyanka gandhi Special Security to Robert Vadra

A timeless photo of Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi

Why did Dr. Manmohan Singh allow his government to provide for this special privilege to a private person Robert Vadra at our cost? And in the last 10 years, how much was spent on his security from the tax payers’ account? Is this not be a rational and logical question? More than the Gandhi family, it is the Prime Minister who was responsible for these expenses on the Gandhi family. Only the President and Prime Minister of a country are allowed to pass through immigration without frisking at the airports. Was Robert Vadra given the same status as these two positions?

No wonder then, that Robert Vadra made Crores in few months. With whose blessings was all this happening? Isn’t this a loot of this country? Who is responsible and accountable for this loot?

By Ajay Angre

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