Haruki Murakami’s books cast a magical spell on readers, not letting them detach until its last page. One simply should not miss his books.

Haruki Murakami. The name says it all in the literary world. Stories that captivates the reader and makes him ponder on his own life. Stories that question one’s own existence, beliefs and makes one experience things that they have never experienced. His stories revolve around simple human beings, someone so easy to identify with but has thoughts so complex that you can only wonder and wonder and wonder.

haruki murakami Spectacular Books By Japanese Writer Haruki Murakami

The first book I read was “The Wind up Bird Chronicle” and instantly I developed a strong liking for the book. Liking is perhaps a very weak word. I was hooked to it till the end. I have not been able to stop myself since then. “Kafka on the Shore”, Norwegian wood”, “1Q84”, “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki”, “After Dark” and still continuing. Reading these books are like inheriting some treasure. They help in developing a new perspective towards life.

The readers start feeling that they are a part of the story as the story unwinds. At times the head gets dizzy because our normal mind is not capable of such imagination. It is beyond imagination and the thrill of completing a Haruki Murakami novel is beyond description.

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle– I suggest people to start reading from this book. It is imaginative, transparent and thoughts are entwined in a magical way and will give the reader a real feel of his writing.

th wind up chronicle Spectacular Books By Japanese Writer Haruki Murakami

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki– This is another book that readers can start reading as their first book. It is lucid, free flowing and gives one a grip of his writing style.

Norwegian Wood–  Next book that readers should read. The book takes relationship and its complexities to a new level that only a genius like Haruki Murakami can imagine and craftily put it into words.

Kafka on the Shore and 1Q84-These are the two books that I consider the best amongst all his writings. They will make you mad, cry, laugh and open a new window. A window that will make you see things in a way you have never seen before.

haruki murakami Spectacular Books By Japanese Writer Haruki Murakami

Now, having read these books you have turned into a Murakami fan. Very few people can avoid being in awe of his masterpieces. You will automatically submerge yourself in the rest of his books and keep hoping that he writes more amazing us with his remarkable, indescribable writing.

By Ananya Ghosh

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