Rajkumar Sushim will get poisoned this time from Kaurwaki

Post Samrat Bindusar declared that if Sushim hurts Ashoka, he will be dead too and if Ashoka hurts Sushim, he’ll be punished too, both Siamak and Helena are finding ways to kill either of the two. Killing either of the one makes their job easy as Samrat won’t spare the other brother.

Siamak is trying to kill Ashoka. Yes, he is trying his best to eliminate his brother so that he can finally become a lone survivor to the throne.

Siamak Will Poison Food

In the coming days in the Swayamvar, the Rajkumaris will be asked to prepare food to impress the Rajkumars – Sushim and Ashoka. All the Rajkumaris will gear up to impress them. Kaurwaki will prepare a sweet dish for Ashoka. Siamak will then poison this sweet dish knowing that Kaurwaki’s sweet dish is meant for Ashoka.

ashoka serial scenes Spoiler! Sushim to Get Poisoned by Kaurwaki!


He will be ensured that this sweet dish will be eaten by Ashoka. Being poisonous, he’ll think that Ashoka will eventually die and post his death, Sushim would die too. However, there is a twist here.

Rajkumar Sushim Will Consume the Poisonous Sweet Dish

Unknowing that the sweet dish has poison in it, Sushim will come sit and consume Kaurwaki’s sweet dish only to irritate Ashoka as he knows that Kaurwaki’s sweet dish is meant for him. So, Sushim will eat the entire dish only to realize later that it is toxic.

Ankit Arora Sushim  Spoiler! Sushim to Get Poisoned by Kaurwaki!

Siamak will be disheartened once again that his attempt to kill Ashoka went in vain. However, he’ll be content that at least his mission to kill both the brothers is on. The reason being even if Sushim dies, Rajkumar Ashoka has to die post his death according to the statement given by Samrat Bindusar.

The Blame Will Come on Ashoka and Kaurwaki

Once again the blame of killing Sushim by giving him poison will come on Kaurwaki and also Ashoka. The duo will be held responsible for trying to kill Sushim by giving him poison. Samrat Bindusar will threat Ashoka for trying to kill his brother. Meanwhile, Ashoka will try to find the real mastermind behind the attack. Looks like, this time even Sushim will know that a third party is trying to kill both, him and Ashoka at the same time.

ashoka serial Spoiler! Sushim to Get Poisoned by Kaurwaki!

Will Ashoka Know That Siamak is Behind This?

Ashoka will indeed find the root cause of the problem. He will definitely get hints because this time it is clear that neither Sushim nor Charumitra/Mahamatya was involved. This makes his works easier as he can now keep a watch on others. He should definitely get hold of Siamak. No wonder, it’s been long since Siamak is roaming freely. It is time for some action against him.

siamak Spoiler! Sushim to Get Poisoned by Kaurwaki!

What do you think – Will Ashoka get hold of the real culprit this time?

Image Source: 1, Colors TV

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