we have never come across a single offer of any dark skinned, short, fat, ugly girl nor any illiterate, midget, lazy, drunkard, fat slob boys to get married

India must be the country of some of the most beautiful, young, fair, slim, highly educated, marriageable girls of well-connected, affluent families on the planet. India must also be the producer of highly educated, well placed, Green Card holder, handsome, healthy prospective grooms. 

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Why do I say this? Well, I have been going through thousands of matrimonial classifieds and have come to this conclusion. I have never come across a single offer of any dark skinned, short, fat, ugly, untalented, lousy cook girl from a rotten family, nor have I ever seen any illiterate, midget, lazy, drunkard, fat slob boys available to get married! 

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Now you know what I mean.

That brings another thought to my mind: In these days of online shopping, do you always want to buy goods unseen? What happens, after one decides to take the plunge and find the prospective spouse you just ordered turns out to be “not as advertised”!? What are the return policies? Is there a “trial period”?

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Unlike in western countries, India is not very forgiving towards divorced, widowed or separated individuals. Yes, one does see some ads of “innocently divorced” females with “no issues” but rarely from seniors who do need partners for companionships. They too have every right to live a comfortable life after they have given their best years to the society.

Often, they prove to be better partners than ambitious, career minded younger lot because they have “been there, done that” and are usually financially and emotionally secured and unlikely to be flirtatious. In India, social taboos prevent two matrimonially unattached adults to share their joys and sorrows together. Though times have changed and it is prevalent in larger cities, not all people with such choice of lifestyle can live in metropolitan cities. In a country where public expression of love is considered a crime, lives for individuals who are not in the matrimonial meat market, could prove to be tough …. tougher for seniors. Though no one is likely to walk up to such a couple and demand to see their marriage certificate, its just their own personal social guilt that bothers them.

However, there are couples who are otherwise compatible with each other but are often socially constrained from marrying each other. We have come a long way from days of casteism, I think, it is time we also offer and encourage single-mingle activities for seniors. What is better for our society: seeing a guilt/stigma ridden frustrated eligible couple or two happy individuals? After all, age is only a number and what you make of it. If it doesn’t bother them, why should it to you?

By: Wilson Battu

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