Stuck in a rut in your relationship? Try using basic principles of economics- spousonomics- since any marriage is like mini-business with limited resources, difficult tradeoffs and highs and lows!

Sometimes economics works wonders more than marital counseling in a relationship. They help you to efficiently allocate limited resources like time, money, sanity and libido. We help you to discover the secrets of happy marriage by highlighting all the common mistakes which even smart couples make.

No doubt, you would sit and talk to your best friend for hours regarding your husband’s habits or read some magazine columns for some tough love advice related to your relationship woes. But have you ever considered what work best for you is not the general advice but spousonomics.  Yes, the economics to master the missing elements in your marriage. Here are some of the common mistakes that even the well to do couples make:

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Mistake 1

Myth: Assuming that a rough patch is the end of the relationship

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Just like a giant wheel, merry go round and the market, a relationship is full of cycles with many ups and downs as well as a number of booms and busts. They are not only healthy but also inevitable as they help you to learn things during the rough patches of crisis and compel you to take up innovative ideas to solve issues that keep on driving you both.

Mistake 2

Myth: Splitting the housework 50-50

Most of us presume, splitting work between couples should be done as it will balance out the daily load. However, things will be much better if you do only what you are best at, by following comparative advantage. You might handle all the cooking work and household stuff while your husband may do the grocery and shopping. But it will never be 50/50.

Mistake 3

Myth: Waiting until you are in “the mood”

If you wait for that moment when you both are turned on, just like the good old initial days, then you’ll wait for months and that day will never come. Instead, you should set the mood, think of igniting the passion because that’s what is right for your relationship as well as marriage. If you wait for the moment, it will never come. However, you can both get into the mood and make it happen.

Mistake 4

Myth: Staying up to resolve a fight even if takes the whole night

We have been told never to go angry in bed. However, sometimes we need to, as it is better to sleep and talk in the morning when you two are calm than howling all night and calling each other names without reaching any solid conclusion. Talking in the morning after a good night’s sleep can calm you both down to take better decisions.

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Mistake 5

Myth: Expecting your partner to read your mind


Often we expect our partner to give us a big hug after a bad day at work or serve us a cocktail. However, how will your partner know until you tell them your story? The trick here is to follow the economic principle of transparency and tell them what happened rather than expecting them to do the mind reading.

Shun these 5 practices and see how you two match the mismatch.

By Deepti Verma

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