After four consecutive disastrous performances on silver screen, the lost actor, our own SRK, is back with his spectacular ‘Fan’.Go,watch & boast SRK again.

SRK’s ‘Fan’, when in the offing, was more like a countdown for the diehard SRK-fans like me, and especially when the precedent, four consecutive movies had been a series of miscarriage. After he happened to displease us with his each of the Ra-one, Chennai Express, Happy New Year and Dilwale, he was, with pained heart, deemed unfit for silver screen any more. For flops, one after another, from a big shot SRK become upsetting.

fan3 SRKs Fan Is A Great Relief For His Disappointed Fans

Let me but say, the ‘FAN’ came as a thundering roar from a sleeping lion. Woohoo! The king of the film industry is now awake and would leave all his critics speechless and fans relieved with his spellbound ‘Fan’.

Being one among the flock of SRK’s lunatic fans, I would unfailingly not spare any mouth who fulminate against ‘Gaurav’ (SRK in the garb of Gaurav in the film), but being a cinephile simultaneously, I would also not praise Fan to the skies. To be candidly legit, it’s only and only SRK, that is Gaurav Chandna, who had touched up an imperfect Fan with perfection. With a lot of glitches and unnecessary actions, Fan would certainly not hit the story-loving souls but definitely rivet the ones dying, since his last four blunders, to see SRK as an actor.

shah rukh khan fan  SRKs Fan Is A Great Relief For His Disappointed Fans

I would like all the SRK fans, still fighting the dilemma to watch it or not, to just shake off all the notions SRK’s former disasters had left behind and step into theatres to fall in love with your one and only SRK. Come on guys, it’s ‘FAN’, SRK’s fan. Let’s be the loyal fans. Just give no fuck to the critics around, watch SRK nailing in it, and shut off the barking antagonists.

To all the lovely Senoritas (SRK’s fans) out there-bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai. Why being judgemental towards our own SRK who, if had released just a few blunders, had also bestowed us with DDLJ, Chak De India, Kal Ho Na Ho, Swadesh and Devdas, to name just a few of his blockbusters.

By Prerna Daga

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