3 Main events of Mahabharat which Star Plus ignored   during the 12 years of Pandavas vanvas

Star Plus Mahabharat seems really in a big hurry to finish off the mythological series as fast as possible. Perhaps, that is why they finished the entire vanvas episode of Pandavas in 5 days, leaving many of the crucial things for us to imagine. While they endowed us with the story of Hanuman and Draupadi’s kidnapping certain prominent aspect was given a miss – Here I bring those important events from the vanvas

mahabharata poster 3 Events Which Star Plus Mahabharat Missed in the Pandavas Vanvas

Yudhisthir’s Prayer to the Sun God

When Yudhisthir along with his 4 brothers and Panchali left the kingdom of Hastinapur, they were accompanied by 14 Brahmins and their wife. However, after reaching the forest, Yudhisthir with folded hands requested these priest to go back as he would never be able to provide them with food during his time in vanvas. The priest were reluctant to go and that is when the head priest Dhaumya advised Yudhishtr to pray to the Sun God, the provider of food to feed the brahmins.

Yudhisthir Mahabharat 3 Events Which Star Plus Mahabharat Missed in the Pandavas Vanvas

Yudhisthir inside the Ganges prayed to Sun God for 3 days. Impressed by Yudhisthir’s dedication the Sun God granted him a copper plate with a boon. The boon was no sooner the plate was filled with little food it would be full till Panchali ate the food. This way Yudhisthir not only could feed his Brahmin guest but also his family of 6 for 12 whole years.

How Arjun Gets Pasupata through Lord Shiva by his prayers

During the fifth year of exile, Arjun all alone heads towards the Himalayas to do tapasya in the name of Lord Shiva. After lot of penance in the Himalayas, Lord Shiva as a rude hunter appears in front of Arjun. The two fight with each other. Arjun finally gets to know the identity of the hunter. He asks forgiveness.

Lord Shiva impressed by Arjun’s penance and dedication grants him his favorite astra (weapon) Pasupata, bestowing him with the knowledge of its application as well as retrieval. Pasupata was a very powerful weapon which had the ability to destroy the entire universe and so Lord Shiva had warned Arjun not to use the weapon on impulse, whim or on any random person who had strength lesser than him.

Mahabharat Pandavas Vanvas 3 Events Which Star Plus Mahabharat Missed in the Pandavas Vanvas

(This sequence was shown but it was in the same forest where the Pandavas was staying there is no mention of Himalyas nor the penance which Arjun takes)

Ghatotkach Helping the Pandavas

Yudhisthir along with his 3 brothers started his journey towards Himalayas to meet Arjun. After visiting the place where Lord Vishnu had killed Narakasura they move ahead but as they walked further they were bestowed with strong rain, wind and sun – so much that at one point of time Draupadi collapsed due to the exposure of extreme weather. During this time Bheem thought of his son and Ghatotkach arrived at the scene. A humble figure, Ghatotkach made himself and his followers available to his father Bheem anytime. All Bheem had to do, was think about him.

Ghatotkach then carried Draupadi on his shoulders and the rest 4 on his body, and flew in between the sky to reach Gandhamadan where the brothers were supposed to re-unite with Arjun. Not to forget, Ghatotkach being a rakshas could fly and do many things which were not in the hands of others.

All these three significant events were missed from the Mahabharat of Star Plus, making me wonder what’s the future of this Mahabharat which is not only incomplete but also majorly incorrect.

Reference: Vana Parva by Roy, Pratap Chandra, 1842-1895; Kisari Mohan, Ganguli, Indian Epic Poetry

By: Deepti Verma

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