Here are some of the reasons why the story of Dhara in Star Plus’ Tamanna is inspiring people

Star Plus’ TV serial Tamanna is one of the most watched serials these days. The Ramesh Deo Productions’ series is based on the journey of a young girl named Dhara from Jamnagar, Gujarat who desires to live her dreams of becoming a cricketer by fighting all odds. She has a supporting father who is always ready to guide and back her always. In addition, her struggle from her marriage and her love for her daughter is something that makes the serial all the more interesting.

An interesting plot, the story of Dhara is not only intriguing but also inspiring. Here we share our reasons why the serial Tamanna is a promising TV serial and worth your time:

Tamanna Star Plus Cover Pic 5 Reasons Why Star Plus’ Tamanna Is a Must Watch Show

The Concept of Tamanna Is Very Fresh

 Though off late we are seeing Bollywood films on sports and sports personality, we do not get to see the same thing in Television especially the leading in a sports gear. However, here is a middle glass girl from a small town who desires to be a cricketer. A journey of a girl wanting to join the Indian Cricket team is a new and unique concept.No wonder, we are in love with the serial already as we get to witness the struggle of Dhara who despite all odds never lose hope. 

tamanna star plus serial 5 Reasons Why Star Plus’ Tamanna Is a Must Watch Show

The Entire Star Cast is Talented

Tamanna has a stellar star cast. From veteran and famous TV Actors like Harsh Chayya (Coach Roy), Ketaki Dave (Dhara’s grandmother), Kiran Karmarkar (Dhara’s father) to young and promising actors like the leading lady Anuja Sathe. The show really boasts of a stellar cast who are known for their acting skills. No wonder, this is the reason why the viewers’ do not get bored no matter who is on the screen, because the 21 minutes is intriguing. Thanks to the awesome star cast.

tamanna cast 5 Reasons Why Star Plus’ Tamanna Is a Must Watch Show

The Cricket Connection

As the serial revolves around Sports and that too cricket even the men in the house seems to be connecting to this serial. Without the saas-bahu drama, the men too seem to be interested in watching the journey of Dhara. This surely makes life easy as you do not have to fight for the remote with him.

Dharaa in Tamanna 5 Reasons Why Star Plus’ Tamanna Is a Must Watch Show

The Women Empowerment

Though we have lot of shows on women power where the serial revolves around a strong woman, this one is special as Tamanna really focuses on the real empowerment of woman. Besides, we love the fact that though Dhara is from a very conservative family her father not only allows her to play cricket but also encourages her to pursue it as a career. In the coming episodes, we will also see how he will help her fight Divorce too.

tamanna women empowerment 5 Reasons Why Star Plus’ Tamanna Is a Must Watch Show

The Screenplay, Production, Theme and Plot

Beside the basic things, other aspects like story, plots, and themes in the serial makes Tamanna all the more interesting. Like the current episodes which we are watching is a flashback where Dhara is narrating her story of her bygone past to the lawyer. This assures us that the serial will not drag.

A new story and concept, Tamanna is really an interesting serial to watch. Have you started watching the serial? What do you think about it?

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