Much of high-heels in the shoe-rack would chip in the same-much of medicines in the drawer.

Remake of topic- Higher the inch of your stilettos, lower is your sync with health

Girls and high heels, today, make a wonderful pair, both in the eyes of their own and the audience (scanner-like boys’ eyes). But, unfortunately, not is the case in the eyes of medical professionals. What these professionals claim is that much of high-heels in the shoe-rack would chip in the same-much of medicines in the drawer. So, choosy girls right out there reading, it’s high time for you to cling to either of the so-appealing style quotient or so-neglected health quotient.

high heels subject you to bad posture Are Stilettos Good For Your Spine/Hips?

What high risks do high heels carry?

Uh, the risks involved are high enough to shepherd you to the times, where your feet no longer manage to carry you. When girls slip their high-heeled sandals on, they tend to play with the natural posture of the body, culminating in numerous ailments. From ingrown toenails, irreversibly-harmed leg tendons, nerve damage to bunion, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, and what not in association with spinal and hip disorders are supplementary to our style that stilettos bring along.

How do high heels trigger such risks?

What if she doesn’t meet a slip-on, but her body on the heels always remains in an imbalanced state. The neglected imbalance under her craving for fashion has to be counterbalanced, which she adapts by a forward bend of her hips and spine. The lined-up hips and spine, resultantly, deflect from their naturalness. Such derangement gushes out extensive pressure on knees and the balls of the feet.

Between a moot of fashion VS health, your FOOT suffers the most

Foot, like the pawns on chess board, is the first to face off the attacking pressure. The arch of the foot, which otherwise split the pressure between the forefoot and hindfoot, elevates the foot-ball and exerts the arch to weaken the ligaments. Moreover, 90% of the mass fall on the foot-ball, which induces thickening around the nerves. A swelling develops causing bony outgrowths such as bunions. The troubles just don’t end here, the calf muscle, which most of you must have read in Biology shrinks. The law of stilettos states that increase in length of heels is inversely proportional to the length of tendons.

Knee-balls are not there to be played with

The study conducted by Harvard University in 1998 that a heel of 2 inches forwards the body weight towards the knees, amounting to a pressure increase of 23%. Osteoarthritis, as observed, has a biased inclination for women. But, women themselves are purely responsible for such bias.

 As Shakira says, “hips don’t lie”, you’ll actually realize it in near future

It’s the hips that come to rescue, in order to deter you from collapse, but, in the process invite dangers for itself. Hips risk their muscles and harden the tendons to prevent you from keeling over. Next time you flaunt those jazzy high-heels, do remember that it’s at the expenses of your hips.

The backbone, spine that backs you, soon, may not

A human spine comprises four curves, namely, cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral curves. High heels deflect the body at an angle of 15 degrees, thereby, dissolving the shocks absorbing potential of spine. The Lordotic curve of the lumbar spine expands, which initiates the feeling of pain within the fashion-loving or health-ignorant ladies.

dont wear stilettos Are Stilettos Good For Your Spine/Hips?

Do not cage your feet on sole flip-flops, but be sage enough  

No human on the earth can get rid of their illusionary pleasures and so are the girls out. But, an essence of wisdom is a quintessential quality of ours’ that sift us out from the other creatures. Why not use it! Like you balance yourself on such high heels, why don’t you keep a balance on your priorities? Enjoy the every creation of man (heels), but don’t risk the creation of god (body parts).

 By Prerna Daga

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