Hungry & conspiring media these days present those news which politicize the country and raise their TRP,even if it takes them to continue the same news on.

I am an avid movie watcher apart from keeping pace with national/ international news, debates in parliament. While the many “respected” private news channels were focused on telecasting the same newsreel on JNU, Kanhaiya and Rohit Vemula and alternating between glorifying and martyrising them, I took a break to watch a Malayalam movie “PAURAN” {meaning CITIZEN}, very confident that no other news will be reported for at least the next 3 hours.The movie must be around 15 years old but the theme is relevant even today.

pouran Let Our Motto Be Development


The film story revolves around a college girl committing suicide in Kerala and a leftist party instigating and orchestrating its student wing to agitate, demonstrate violently and damage public property to protest against the University and Government for the suicide. The “villain” was a neo-rich leadership of the “revolutionary party” whose fundamental objective was to malign the Government by any means. Fortunately, at least in the movie, there is an idealistic leader (the protagonist) within the “revolutionary party” who objects and opposes against destruction and damage of public property. We, as Citizens, have not changed a bit. Our politicians continue to play the same games and we, the common man continue to be a puppet. Unfortunately, we do not have any heroes amongst the “revolutionaries”.
Being an octogenarian, I can definitely say I have seen many facets of politics in the past few decades.
When watching the proceedings in the RS last week, one fact was obvious – when senior members of the house make statements or provide information it is considered the gospel truth due to the respect the common man has for them. However, when you pause, reflect and choose to verify the allegations and counter allegations, you see through the smokescreen or what’s left conveniently unsaid.

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Let’s start with Rohit Vemula. Suicide and murders committed by anybody is sad and regrettable. The religion and caste of the victim is inconsequential. Shame on those people who sensationalize Rohit Vemula’s death using caste/ religion to make it political. That said, isn’t it ironic that while his paternal family claims that Rohit Vemula is not a Dalit, the revolutionaries are busy correcting the family that it was his paternal grandmother who said he was not a Dalit, however, his maternal side is Dalit. So let’s make him Dalit and run and re-run the statement till that is all that people will remember. Whether Rohit Vemula was a Dalit or not is secondary as far as I am concerned. Let’s not forget that the root cause of RohitVemula’s suspension can be traced to his support for a terrorist involved in the 1993 Mumbai blasts and the subsequent student political party clash on the University campus.

There was an inquiry over a 5-month period prior to his suicide in Jan 2016. To all those very concerned political leaders and University officials and staff – by the level of logic you apply – how come you were not able to anticipate Rohit Vemula’s state of mind and avert this suicide – he was a very active member of your respective student wing. Not one well-wisher, friend, benefactor was sensitive to his state of mind prior to his suicide? Calls for some introspection. Did you try to console, guide and support him during the turbulent days? If done, we could have saved a precious life.

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And then, JNU. Not surprisingly, JNU has produced more politicians, social revolutionaries and reformers than (it has) technocrats or scientists or corporate leaders. So, let’s gracefully accept the fact that JNU is the breeding ground for ALL political parties. I am not carried away by the argument that the tax paid by the common man subsidizes studies of JNU students and therefore, they need to show loyalty to the tax-payer. My taxes subsidize and/ or fund many more in addition to the students of JNU. That is a separate discussion. Should JNU try to produce agri-scientists , space researchers, etc? However, I do question the extended stay of “students” beyond their course term with subsidies that they are not entitled to anymore rather than standing on their own feet before leading a revolution.


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