Indian women from decades and decades have been controlling their bladders in cities, towns & villages – Can we now have public toilets at close proximity please!!!

The video ‘What Happens When a Girl Pees In Public’ which went viral few days back is not just alarming but is an honest attempt to show the importance of “Toilets” in every few metres in any location.

Let’s face it, every time the women in India go out, they are either forced to hold their bladders or catch a rickshaw/cab to reach the nearest mall to free themselves. Malls may or may not be a girl’s perfect idea of spending her time, but in case of emergency it is a great rescue. The places where there is no mall? Well, like you, even, I can’t imagine the plight

Again, this is not restricted to women alone, but men too. However, men still have an option of peeing in public – behind the bush, behind the car, and every other place they get.

Wait, But Peeing in Public Is Prohibited, Isn’t It?

“Open Urination Is a Punishable Offence” I read a huge signboard somewhere. Alright, that makes sense, after all urinating in public  is an unhealthy practice. Besides, we are aspiring for “Clean and Green India” ~ Swachh Bharat, aren’t we? But in that case, shouldn’t “sanitation” come first? Shouldn’t we have enough number of public toilets everywhere? And, shouldn’t these public toilets be clean enough that compel even the “Indian Men” to release their biggest pressure inside the clean Toilets?

do not urinate go to public toilets Can We Stop Holding Our Bladders   Can We Have Public Toilets First?

Unless and until we have Toilets within every few metre, we cannot impose laws such as “Peeing In Public Is An Offence”. To be honest, even the most sophisticated guy wouldn’t mind paying Rs. 100 to pee in public in case of emergency. After all, who would want to wet their pants before going anywhere. And what about women, the great Indian Bhartiya Nari? Well, we can’t even give Rs. 100 and release the natural pressure. Oh wait, we are supposed to control, rather we should know how to control. Control and invite all sorts of infections perhaps!

do not urinate use public toilets india signboards Can We Stop Holding Our Bladders   Can We Have Public Toilets First?

How Many Public Toilets We Have In South Mumbai, Western Suburbs That We are Imposing Laws Not to Urinate In Public?

A Personal Experience – Bandra is a hub, while there might be number of Mac Donalds, KFC, and “n” number of outlets of various companies, there are hardly any public toilets. A decade ago, I paid a huge fine because of “not being able to control” the urge. No, I didn’t pee in public but I choose to use the filthy public toilet in Bandra Station. The Ticket line was huge, so I avoided a platform ticket and just when I came out of the smelly loo, I was asked to pay a heavy fine of Rs. 250 for standing on the platform without any ticket. The fact, that I was supposed to catch the bus from the nearby bus depot and had used the station premises only for the sake of ‘loo’ is altogether a different story after all.

lack of public toilets in world Can We Stop Holding Our Bladders   Can We Have Public Toilets First?

This is not the story of Bandra alone but many of the Western Suburbs. Bless me, that I’m not even mentioning the plight of South Mumbai. In that case, like the women said, I’ll surely have to become the member of some club or else opt for the sea by taking the cab. Bangalore and Chennai too, I had similar experience. And I’m sure, the problem is same in each and every big city, small city, town and villages of India.

But, while travelling even the Women Pee In Public

Did you just raise your eyebrow? Really? Going for a road trip either in car or a bus from one state to another, one is compelled to go behind the bushes while the male counterparts guards till we come back and confirm “Ho Gaya“. No wonder, women only prefer this option when they have already controlled for 4 hours and they know there would be no toilet for next four hours. Can’t this problem prevented? Of course it can be!

girl pee in public toilet india sanitation Can We Stop Holding Our Bladders   Can We Have Public Toilets First?

Girl pees in public viral video l Can We Stop Holding Our Bladders   Can We Have Public Toilets First?

With Swachch Bharat, we should also concentrate on Sanitized Bharat, I’m sure, we, the women of India can uprightly demand this. It is high time, we stop holding our bladders for hours and hours, and have Public toilets within few metres, no matter which city/town we are in…

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