Modi has had tremendous support from the public since his appointment as PM Candidate. But two people- Arvind Kejriwal and Twitter India head Raheel Khursheed- could potentially stop the Modi juggernaut from sweeping all of India

“Make hay while the sun shines.”- This is exactly what has happened with the RSS / BJP Conglomerate when the Congress was sleeping all through the tenure of UPA 2. TV Channels supported Narendra Modi in the garb of the slogan of ‘Progress and Development’ ignoring his inefficiencies and deficiencies while Gujarat was burning and the Indian Supreme Court called him the anecdotal ‘Nero’. With few cursory tributes to secularism and ‘unity in diversity’ in that saturnalia season they established Modi as a formidable politician. The Hindi press knew its readership and served the ‘Shikanjis’ of ‘Hindutva’ in transparent tulips. Facebook and Twitter were free for any enthusiast to capture space. The Congress behemoth slept and the veteran Congressmen were busy either reporting to the dynastic rulers to save their jobs, perks and benefits or relaxing and restring on their past laurels. Many of them minted the best out of the country coffers through corruption. In those slumbering times, Bharatiya Janata Party enjoyed the benefits of all media campaigns and climbed dazzling heights despite all ethical, political and negative odds against it.

Modi Dharmakul Vandana Mahotsav Stopping The Modi Juggernaut : Two Swallows That Could Make A Summer

So far so good! With the advent of AAP and the new style of simple, down-to-earth, next door politician Arvind Kejriwal, the tables are now turned against conventional politicians. The 2014 polls are going to be fought on the rules written by Aam Aadmi. The politics of Cast Creed, religion, region and fake developmental mirages with sharp verbal empty duels are outdated ordinance. There may still be some ‘Hawa’ for ‘Modi as PM’ but the total scenario has undergone a paradigm change. NaMo is no longer the only glittering star of galaxy. Kejriwal has taken the mantle of ‘the New Leader of Young India.’ It is bad news for the RSS and Modi as well.

The story doesn’t stop here. Arvind Kejriwal’s following is increasing by leaps and bounds.  AAP’s membership is going up astronomically with every passing hour as most honest, sincere and established Indians, from every walk of life, are joining the AAP. Narendra Modi is no longer the Prince of Denmark of this new epic. All media portals are now taking up and talking of the new Hero Kejriwal. To add worry to this trauma, another bad news for BJP is in the air. Twitter, which so far had been the most loyal media organ of Narendra Bhai through his real or pretending fans, is no longer so easy now to manipulate. A Kashmir-born Raheel Khursheed has been appointed the new head of the news, politics and government division at Twitter Inc’s Indian unit. Khursheed is a well know critic of the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Congress culture too. He is a prolific writer, online activist and responsible for tracking and expanding the Twitter’s readership. He is making Twitter an intelligent media of expression for new writers, politicians, technocrats, artists and social activists. It is an unpalatable situation for BJP which is still playing the old Dharma Politics. The RSS juggernaut is out in the air with full throated demand of his ouster. Khursheed also has a well-established record of criticizing the Army’s role in Kashmir and Modi’s role in 2002 Gujarat violence.

The young and ebullient, new boss of ‘Twitter India’ has 33 years of life to his credit. He hails from South Kashmir’s Anantnag district. Till recently he was the Director of Communication at “”, a US-based online social campaigning group.  Shujaat Bukhari, the Editor-in-Chief of Rising Star had tweeted for him: “Happy for Raheel Khursheed for making BJP scary about his appointment as Twitter India head. A Kashmiri has potential to be threat to a national party in India like BJP.”

By Naim Naqvi

Image: By AroundTheGlobe (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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