Are you a potential writer interested in writing fiction? Know how to accentuate minor characters in your story to make it a best seller

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How Important are Minor #Characters in a #Novel? #amwriting 

A novel is more than its heroes and villains. There are a host of minor characters that fill up the world. Some only pass through long enough to serve a coffee or to get shot, while others linger at the edges of the action, fleshing out the scenes and giving the novel more life. So ever wondered how important are the minor characters to the plot of a novel? How the novel would have been without the little characters that connect the dots in the story and helps in weaving a richer plot experience? If you are a potential writer and interested in fiction then read this interesting and article from our community.

5 Deadly Reasons Why Your Blog Is Born Dead

With huge amount of information available on the internet and low priced and free hosting services, it is really easy for anyone to create a blog. But just for that reason it will not succeed. Everybody wants to be a good blogger but very few manage to become successful ones. Learn about the 5 deadly reasons that ruins your blog before it even starts.

How to Ask Linkedin to Find Jobs For You 

LinkedIn is one of its only kind of professional network building platform that allows you to get job opportunities as per your abilities and skills. There are many other sites which can help you to find your dream job but won’t give you a network to search for correct opportunity.This post answers how to use linkedin to let it find jobs find you? Read this useful article that may come handy in your quest for the perfect job.

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