One year to Nirbhaya, but has the society changed? Can we claim that as a nation we have grown to be more tolerant and respectful towards all entities?

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”
― Brigham Young

One year has gone by since the Nirbhaya  incident occurred in the capital during which a girl was brutally raped and thrown out from a moving Bus. Some of the culprits have been given capital punishment while the most brutal one escaped from the judgment as he was considered to be juvenile. He was referred to the juvenile home so that he can be transformed into a better citizen and can be adjusted to the civil society. But the question that remains unanswered is have we as a society changed since that incident? Can we confirm that the society now is more considerate and respectful to women where she can live peacefully, walk anytime on the road, talk to anyone, wear whatever she wants ?

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Many incidents have occurred after 16 Dec 2012 which clearly depict that situation more or less remains the same. Many incidents are happening all around which are as brutal as that of happened with Delhi Brave heart “Nirbhaya”. After that unfortunate incident was followed by huge protests throughout India and candle marches, our government came to function and made a committee led by Justice Verma. Verma committee received thousands of suggestions based on which it has given certain recommendations which are still under consideration.

But then you cannot put faith blind faith in legislation and expect that it will change the conditions of women in the society overnight. It is a hard long battle in which everybody has their role to play. It is quite ironical that while we give the topmost position to women particularly in Hinduism and treat goddess Durga as the Shakti behind Shiva but in reality still remain a nation which considers the birth of a baby girl as a curse. We have innumerable of examples in the past where the women have shed the veil and have come out and fought along with their counterpart and showed exemplary sacrifices.

Since birth to death, femininity plays a vital role in every life form, be it a human or animals.  But no where are females treated as badly as humans do, even though we like to call ourselves as a supreme life form. The growth of a society depends upon how the children are nurtured. It we have to change a society’s views about women the we have to teach every male child to treat women respectfully. Then only will they grow to become good citizens and abide by the rules and treat everybody as equal. There is no discrimination in our spiritual texts against women and we can take a leaf out of them. To create an equal and just society,one of the most important thing is to treat everybody equally be it women, minorities or differently abled .   For that everybody has to do his bit in order to enlarge the canvas so that every characters  fits into it.

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Image Source: By Mutxamel (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Hitesh Pundir

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