Getting turned down a lot lately maybe you need a crash course in what NOT to say… Read more to find out.

As the major liquor brand reads out ‘Men will be men’, we could not agree more. Men trying to woo women-is not an uncommon sight. At times, women do get flattered and everything falls into place.  Why Indian men should be left behind foreign Romeos! They leave no stone unturned in trying to look as cool as them. Unfortunately, result is not worth mentioning. Pick up lines are a whole new level of cheesiness and turn off, coming along with that comically funny ‘cool dude’ attitude. We have picked up some of the worst pick-up lines men have been heard mouthing.

Earlier it used to be something like…..

1. “Have we met before?”

Does it really ring a bell, girls? Isn’t it so tiring listening to same sentence again and again! Oh yes, I remember I overlooked you last time, so what made you think you will be acknowledged this time.

have we met before Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use


2. “Can I buy you a drink?”

No offense guys, but this line looks good only on an elegant western man. Your fake accent will only make you a subject of mockery. So, beware!

drunk Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use


 3. “Do you believe in love at first sight or shall I go and come again later?”

Oh sure honey, please go and don’t come back with your shitty face again.

ranveer singh smooch Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use

 4. “Our parents got us engaged in our childhood. Remember that?”

Sure, let me first inform the same to my live-in boyfriend of four years.

shaadi pukki Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use


5. “We go together like daal and chawal”

Yuck! I prefer desserts and please come with some better combo next time. 

no we dont Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use

 And slowly evolved to this….

6. “Can I borrow your phone? I promised to give my mom a call on finding her a daughter-in-law.”

Hey, you mumma’s boy! your mom seems to be as foolish as you!  Her bad luck started the day she bore you. Just call and inform her no intelligent gal would marry her son. 

mamas boy Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use

7. “Life without you would be pointless like a broken pencil.”

Ho gaya? Now please go and sharpen  your brain. Come up with better pick up line next time. 

ranbir kapoor flirting Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use


8. “Please give me a map, I am lost in your eyes.”

Are you blind? I am ‘look London, talk Tokyo’. How could you be lost in my eyes!

what did you say Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use


9. “Do you see my friend over there? He challenged me that he is smarter than me. Can you help?”

I can’t see him but I am sure both of you are mentally challenged making futile attempts to impress a girl.

guess whose more stupid Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use

 First decade of the millennium ends but men remain the same.

 10. “The day I saw you, I deleted my profile.”

Are you sure you deleted it or the founders removed it for you were bringing disgrace to their website.

no for me Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use


 11. “Here I am. What are your other two wishes?”

God is great! I was so desperately looking for a servant for my home.

 Servant Ranbir 300x127 Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use 

But but but, don’t expect any money from me for your services.

Expect no money Sonam 300x134 Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use

 12. Can we both quit the bar; Your presence has already melted ice out here.”

You crazy fellow! It’s not my presence. Your farts have melted the ice. 

stink bomb Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use


13. “Do you have band aid? I hurt my knee while I fell for you”.

Sorry, no band aid, but I will ensure another car runs over you. 

Hurt knee 300x168 Stupid Pick Up Lines Men Use

By: Titli Basu



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