Subhadra and Arjun comes in Indraprasth but Draupadi draws a line. Check how dramatized the New Mahabharat is becoming day by day

Bheeshma Pitama refuses to bless the newlywed couple in the new Mahabharat as he thinks Arjun once again has done Adharma by marrying Subhadra. Krishna interrupts him by saying Aryavat is on the verge of revolution and so it is just the time for Bheeshma to decide with whom he would prefer to side with – Dharma or Adharma?

Meanwhile, Shakuni is at his wicked best. He fills Balram’s ear by saying his sister Subhadra has to stay in Dwarka forever since Arjun cannot take her to Indraprasth as Draupadi won’t allow her entry. This annoys Balram and he gives a warning to Arjun. On the other hand, Draupadi draws a line of fire and doesn’t allow the newlyweds to enter Indraprasth.

Subhadra Arjun Draupadi The Dramatized Entry of Subhadra and Arjun in Indraprasth

Ah, heights of going the other way round when all the facts of Mahabharat are readily available. This is totally distortion of the facts because though the serial shows Arjun had taken any oath in reality he did not. Neither was any contract made that Arjun cannot marry any other woman or something like that. In addition, if I remember Subhadra and Arjun never came before Draupadi face to face as shown in the serial.

In fact, Arjun knowing Draupadi would be angry and jealous, sends Subhadra as a maid. As a maid, Subhadra impresses Draupadi and she blesses her that Subhadra shall never have a rival. Subhadra, then reveals her true identity and also her marriage with Arjun. However, with that she even vows that she will always be a junior to Draupadi and serve her for eternity. This is when a truce occurs between them.

But here in the serial Draupadi blesses Subhadra to have a child with Arjun. God save me with the Mahabharat and all that is shown here in the name of mythology.

By: Deepti Verma

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