Subramanian Swamy finds nothing odd in fighting for the Ram Setu one day, and lowering the age of juveniles on another day !

It is strange no one in public life is keeping tab on the activities of Dr.Subramanian Swamy, the man who has taken upon himself to become the conscience keeper of the nation. The RSS must be tremendously happy with the way he is pushing the Ram Temple agenda with seminars and tweets to his legion of followers on the social media. This is one topic on which officially the BJP is silent. Had they won the UP assembly elections the story would have been different.

subramanian swamy Subramanian Swamy, Thy Name Is Controversy

But that is not the issue. The moot point is that just a day before he organised this seminar in Delhi University Swamy had once again failed to secure bail for one of the most publicly hated enemy Asaram Bapu languishing in jail for sexual offences against minors under POCSO.

How can this man fight for the release of the Godman where the entire families of the witnesses are vanishing out of sight. And he cannot blame the infamous emergency for this because this is happening when Modi is in power at the Centre.

And not even Arnab Goswami is asking him “the nation wants to know why the man who went hammer and tongs after the juvenile involved in one Nirtbahya case is now putting all his wits to save a man like Asaram Bapu who has several such cases exploiting the faith of believers who c came to his ashram in search of peace and solace.”

Yes the nation wants to know why Arnab Goswami is silent on the actitivities of Swamy.

The man seems to be enjoying his new found freedom to hit at his targets flexing his legal prowess. He finds nothing odd in fighting for the Ram Setu one day, for lowering the age of juveniles another day and welcoming the removal of the ban on bull fighting despite all evidence of cruelty to the animals in the name of religion.

He made such hue and cry out of the National Herald case pleading for the quashing of the passports of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi but the learned judges took a dignified stand.

Similarly he lost the case for reduction of age of juveniles not once but twice.

And his last venture was to prepare a brief for Kirti Zad when he was issued a show cause notice for publicly levelling corruption charges against Finance Minister Arun Jailey.

There is always some controversy with Subramanian Swamy !

Amitabh Srivastava

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