Live your life before it’s too late letting you only repent for all your years wasted accumulating money which after your death would just be trash.

“Since death is certain and the time of death is uncertain, what is the most important thing?” quoted by Pema Chodron leaves us fumbling for the answers to the precedent question mark. Isn’t it?

With every one second elapsing, we actually move a second nearer to our death. And despite being well versed with this inevitable fact, are we really making the most out of our lives? Do ponder over it. If you aren’t then look for how’s you can achieve it. And if you are, validate on it.

live Suck Up All Fun From Your Life Before The Death Waves You

To be candid, I was not the one who had had the answer ‘aye’ to the question asked in the former paragraph. It was not actually quite many months back when the real gist of life dawned upon me. And thereafter, I ascertained what my undying soul, but mortal body, wanted from this racing life. The most blissful bit of this realization is that I’m only 22 and this fundamental of living life to the fullest had somehow struck me at the exact moment. For the later this realization falls upon, lower your intensity of the aforementioned ‘most’ glows out with.

I with this article would go as random as randomly the realization hit me. No preaching. No chalk talk. Just me and my insanely sane thoughts. Hesitant to date a stranger (just to help you with the source, use, uh, tinder, truly madly, lovezade, etc ,etc..)  just because the society around may cast aspersions on you? Oh, hell! You are, trust me, a robotic moron. You want it, then, without if-but, just get it.

It’s Friday night and the weekend is just in the wind but yet un-etched is the expected gaiety on your face. Why-why-why? Because all your friends are pretty taken to bring off the long-impending ‘Sundarbans tour’. Give no shit! Solo visit would, take my commitment dude, never make you look for company ever again and incessantly postpone your travel plans. Just try it.

drink it away Suck Up All Fun From Your Life Before The Death Waves You

Looking forward to gulp down pints of beer and go bonkers? Go, get sloshed. What’s stopping you? Again the same old morals, norms, fear and blah blah? Get rid of them. Not routinely do you do it. No. Right? Then once if it launches you on cloud nine, what’s harm in quenching your liquor-thirst? Do it right away and revel the after-effect.

I’m sure there are myriad of yet-undone wishes in your bucket list that hadn’t been braved because of your trivial reasons and which in future may put you to rue.

live your life Suck Up All Fun From Your Life Before The Death Waves You


Let your bank balance lower down if not is your plan to use them as your pyre.

Seize your life. You have just one.


By Prerna Daga

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