Technology addiction and over-dependence on these technologies are leading to all kinds of problems

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How to Manage Technology Addiction for a Tech-Life Balance

Technologies can be beneficial to us in our life, but technology addiction and over-dependence on these technologies are leading to all kinds of problems for people young and old. As we become more aware of these imbalances we have opportunities to restore them while the issues are minimal. If we leave it too long before making the changes, we may find ourselves firmly entrenched in unfavorable habits, or even addictions.Read this well written post to manage a better tech-life balance.

Vintage interview of the LSD proponent Tim Leary

Timothy Leary was a former Harvard professor and psychologist who (in)famously advocated the use of psychedelic  drugs for its possible therapeutic  benefits  and for  the expansion of human consciousness. Leary was a noted psychologist and a researcher, before becoming this highly controversial and polarizing figure. At one point President Richard Nixon described Leary as ‘The most dangerous man in America’. Read the post or rather i should say watch the interview of Tim Leary who had ideas that were too far ahead of its time and controversial even for current times.

How to make smoked salmon

Smoking is not only a healthy but also one of the tastiest ways to prepare any kind of meat, and fish is no exception to that. Smoking gives the meat a tantalizing aroma and taste which you will not find in any other methods of cooking. Salmon is a fresh water fish which is filled with nutrients and has many health benefits. It is packed with proteins, Vitamins, and Omega 3 fatty acids and taste great as well. Consuming salmon has been known to boost cardiovascular health, skin, hair and eye care, muscle and tissue development among a hoard of other health benefits. No wonder salmon is known as the ‘king’ of all fishes. Learn how to cook smoked Salmon by reading this awesome recipe.

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