Sharif-Ud-Din and Abu Mali plans yet again to kill Akbar during the jashn amongst the awaam. Sujamal overhears. Will he save Akbar, his brother-in-law?

Sujamal aka Suja  smartly overhears Abul Mali and Mughal Subehdaar’s plan of killing Akbar in the tele serial Jodha Akbar. He now thinks of all the possible alternatives to convey the message to the King in royal palace. Although he is not in the favor of Mughals, he is eager to save Akbar from his own close relatives as he thinks Akbar is the suhaag of Jodha, his beloved sister.

Jodha Akbar Will Sujamal Save Akbar?

Besides, after visiting Agra and seeing Jodha in a good state of mind, he now knows that Akbar isn’t so bad at least as a husband. Moreover, the Badshah’s response over Jodha Begum’s loyalty (she drinks the venomous kheer in order to save Akbar’s life) by organizing a jashn makes him realize that his sister is having a good married life contrary to what he had thought. Again, even the common man of Agra reveals to the disguised Sujamal that how much their shehenshah adores Jodha.

…And so when Sujamal overhears Abu Mali talking with a Mughal subehdaar (he couldn’t see Sharif-Ud-Din), he plans to reveal it to Jodha. However, meeting Jodha is a difficult task. Next, Just when we think how will Sujamal convey this message to Jodha, we see him in the royal palace again in the disguised form.

Watching Atgah Khan giving instructions to a set of Mughal officers, he thinks he is the correct man to approach. He writes a note, gives to a small kid in the premises and urges him to give it to Atgah Sahab. Atgah Sahab reads it and at that very moment announces the Soldiers to be double alert. However, the unfortunate thing is that Atgah Sahab discusses this note with Sharif-Ud-Din, the conspirator himself.

Making us wonder, will Sujamal save Akbar if Abul Mali attacks him while he celebrates amidst the awaam or will he be attacked without anybody shielding him?

 By: Deepti Verma

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