Well, for the first Blogging contest – we think we know who the two recipients of the iPad Mini (or an equivalent amount to charity) are !

Firstly a big thank you for the encouragement and for the diverse posts. Clearly we liked the responses so much that we decided to continue this event to the extent possible. The iPad Mini is hardly a giveaway in our opinion. It is just something for the time spent and also because we want a lot of quality and research in the submissions (to the extent possible). As mentioned the equivalent amount can be donated to your favorite charity – just let us know.

Some things we have learnt – I think we will restrict ourselves to twitter – the requirement that says that please let some of your friends know that you have participated in this blogging contest. Due to the sheer number of facebook followers we have – monitoring what is a comment and what is a blog entry becomes quite impossible.

You ask how we are going to choose the winners – that is a tough question. We essentially are looking for well articulated, researched, intelligent, out of the box discussion on various issues. We are looking for your opinions not a balanced essay.

Wow – you say that is a tall order ! But we ask that you don’t think of our criteria – We just ask you to write from “the gut”, from your inner self – let us worry about the tough choices. If you write your frank opinions – I can assure you sooner or later we will get to you and you will get a chance to donate to your favourite charity.

Of course , as always too much politics – IndiaOpines tries hard to mix in some flavor – AND WE WELCOME (YOUR STRONG) OPINIONS ON ANY TV SERIALS, MOVIES etc are entries to the blogging contest. It need not be political. Of course, some movie reviews are covertly political, and that may pique your interest, as an example – Jai Ho – It was a horrible movie – but was about a new movement (the Aam Aadmi Party ?)

Anyways to summarize – Here are the posts that we think qualify (this is the shortlist – these are not all of the posts that were submitted). If you think your article should have been here – firstly our apologies, it is possible due to the chaos of the success of the event, we may have missed out – in that case please let us know and we may consider you for a subsequent giveaway.

A Requiem For Bangaru Laxman
Time to ACT Now – Make Directive Principles Fundamental Rights
Aam-rapali’s Republic and the Liberal Indian
Stop Corporate Match Fixing: Apply Cricket Swaraj
Child Labour In India
Men of India…Wake Up!
Rahul Gandhi’s Interview With Arnab Goswami – First Impressions
It’s Our Fight, Just As Much As Kejriwal’s
Afghanistan – The Graveyard of World Powers
A Nation Searches For a Hero
I Am Not A Rat And Never Will Be
Of Misplaced Bravado and Sham Democracy
The Red Herring of Corruption
Fighting The Modi Tsunami
Petty state of affairs: Society & Politics
The Aam Aadmi Broom Can Sweep Them All
Laathi as the Winner in AAP-BJP Street Protests
Reclaiming India from the Legacy of Macaulay
AAP Kya Kar Rahe Hain?
Happy Women’s Day- Are We Really Happy?
Golden Days Are Coming! Hail Swaraj!

And the winners are …..

Drum rolls …

Drum rolls …

Well we think we know who the two recipients of the iPad Mini (or an equivalent amount to charity) are. But we would like the readers to give us any last minute votes, suggestions, or strong viewpoints on these submissions

Not long though – The winners will be announced within a day.

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