In a democratic country, you can’t always have your way into other’s courtyard. In other words, cancelling ‘Sunburn’ is not at all justified.

Fanaticism is not a strange phenomenon for us – the Indians. However, since this RSS sponsored government captured power at the center, the tendencies of vigilantism seem to be flourishing – on the rise in India. Earlier we had Khap Panchayats and no Mobile and no Jeans for girls. The next move was ‘Love Jihad’ and then we graduated to Beef Politics. The proponents of ‘you can only do what we would allow you to do’ have become so bold that they now dictate what we write, what you paint and what you see. They feel free to take the law in their own hands and administer brutal “justice”. The latest in the series of victims is ‘Sunburn Festival.’

beef ban Sunburn to Heartburn   Indians Under The Vigilatne Seize

The dangerous concoction of so called patriotic-nationalistic-cultural wine has gone heady and beyond control. The reason was never the issue for them. If a mob successfully prevents an event that is abiding the rule of law, if some hooligans indulge in violent vigilantism and the instruments of State watch helplessly, it is the time to call a spade a spade.

According to latest reports, the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, Shiv Sena, Vishwa Hindu Parishad are protesting against one of the Asia’s largest Music Festivals claiming that it is against Indian culture. It is promoting obscene activities and abuse of narcotic substances.


The festival is expected to be held at Kesnand on Pune-Ahmednagar highway this year. It used to be held in Goa for the past nine years. The organizers had to change the venue from the idyllic charming ambience of Vagator in Goa as Goa’s tourism minister Dilip Parulekar’s declared it would lead to chaos during “peak season”.

The Pune to shift was smooth. A member of Kesnand’s gram panchayat said: “We aren’t too sure about the details of the programme. However, permission has been taken from the gram panchayat for building a road in preparation for the event.”
sunburn cancelled Sunburn to Heartburn   Indians Under The Vigilatne Seize
‘Sunburn’ is known for its crowd pulling power that exceeds to thousands. For those who are unknown to ‘Sunburn’ it is interesting to note that it is a unique dance music experience, a festival brand that creates an aura and energy which could be related to our Indian history, traditions, culture and emotions, Sunburn has a soul that has managed to unify and build relationships – not just with its Indian and global fans, but also with the DJs and music industry from all over the world. According to lovers of ‘Sunburn’, “We usually speak at each-other, but through our souls, we truly speak with each other.”

The man behind the largest festival in Asia, Shailendra Singh who is a well known entrepreneur, Bollywood producer, and advertising wiz who is responsible for some of the most forward-thinking and progressive entertainment shifts in Indian culture.

It may be a different music style, it may be another experience and for some it could be a cultural problem also. However, in a democratic country, you can’t always have your way into other’s courtyard. In other words, if there is a personal problem, the vigilante solution NOT the right one.

By Naim Naqvi 

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