Don’t link Sunny’s profession with rising rapes. For both are two incomparable elements

The porn star Sunny Leone, aka, Karenjit Kaur Vohra need not be enlightened with words. Need I? Huh? For electricity might have failed to reach some rims of India, but the name Sunny Leone resides on each and every tongue-tip.

Sunny Leone Mandate 2 Shut Up Those Who Blame Sunny Leone For Rapes

Senior CPI leader Atul Anjan upbraided Sunny calling her an epitome for rapists, for her condom ads make a pitch for rapists. In his rally-speech, he was seen calling Sunny a Canada-based porn star who has been established as a Bollywood actress under the support of Mahesh Bhatt.

He stipulated that his experience of watching her porn film once was despicable. He held her condom ad as a responsible fuel to gear up the rapes in India. Although, this was not the first political finger raised against the porn star, earlier also, a leader of Sri Ram Sena had reproached her.

Well why I chose to bring this news into focus is not to criticize Sunny but the sick thoughts that Indian politicians foster within. Diseases need cure, likewise do these sick thoughts. None of the political honchos in Indian politics, as far as I analysed, had ever fulminated against the horrendous ‘rapists’. They keep condemning the miserable ‘victims’, the undisciplined scenario and now, Sunny Leone.

I would like these sick minds to be unused and mouths, shut. For We, the followers are better than you, such leaders. Speak when you know what’s right to speak. Rather, look at the dirt layered on your persona before pinpointing hers.


Prerna Daga

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