Surya Namaskar has plethora of health benefits, Zero size of Kareena is one of its benefits.

Surya Namaskar ( The simplest Holistic fitness Exercise ) is just the name of this exercise like the many other Yogasanas have names for them.

Any one  can do this  exercise when there is no sun like after sunset or when it is foggy or cloudy or indoors where you don’t see sun.  One can face to the north or west and still do this exercise . But facing to sun when it is there has energy advantage.

yoga suryanamaskar Surya Namaskar Is A Way To Healthy Life

Muslim face towards holy Macca for some benefit while praying, although allah god or ishwar is  present every where in every direction. So it is meaningless to say that Surya Namaskar is bowing to Surya. It is not,  it is just the name given that way to this exercise. Facing to sun and doing this exercise has special benefit.  Therefore this exercise should be included in yoga day celebration and let people face which ever the direction they wish to . Actually there is no full bowing and touching the forehead to the ground in this asana like it is done in the namaz.

surya namaskar mantra handout Surya Namaskar Is A Way To Healthy Life

So this makes it a non bowing exercise and can be done by any religion people safely without hurting their faith or committing any mistake against their faith.
By Rajendra.Deshpande
PhD.Fellow at Central University.
School Of .Gandhian Thought.

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