You need to see these basic things which are wrongly shown in Sony TV Suryaputra Karn! Check out the facts…

While, all the mythological and historical TV serials on various channels by several producers are a deviation from the original story/facts, Sony TV’s Suryaputra Karn is the ultimate blunder. Forget deviating certain plots, the serial don’t even follow the basic story of Karna which was mentioned in Mahabharat.

suryaputra karn tv Suryaputra Karn : 5 Basic Things Wrongly Shown in the Serial

Here we share 5 such things where Suryaputra Karna turns out to be absolutely nonsense:

Adiratha Is Told to Adopt Suryaputra Karn by Kunti’s Maid

Ok, so here in the serial Adirath and his wife Radha doesn’t find the little boy near the river stream unlike mentioned in Mahabharata written by Vyasa. The twist in this fictional serial is Kunti’s daasi pre-plans everything. Well, she actually masterminds Karna’s rescue by asking Adirath to save Karna and once he saves him, she tells him to adopt Karna. What’s more Adirath’s wife has no clue what’s happening between Kunti’s daasi and her husband.

adiratha karna Suryaputra Karn : 5 Basic Things Wrongly Shown in the Serial

Radha Is Pregnant When Adiratha Finds Karna

When Adiratha is told to adopt and take care of Karna, Radha is pregnant and is going through labour pain. However, in the real story Adiratha and Radha while praying together had found this baby. During that time Radha was not pregnant. In fact, the couple was praying for child in the banks of Ganges. What’s more, the serial shows Radha delivering Shon on the same day.

radha karnas mother Suryaputra Karn : 5 Basic Things Wrongly Shown in the Serial

Adiratha Is A Charioteer of Kunti’s Father’s Kingdom

It is known that Adiratha was a charioteer who lived in Hastinapur and served the royal family. He was the charioteer of Dhritarashtra. However, here (god only knows how!) Adiratha is Kunti’s father’s most trusted charioteer. In fact, he is so loyal to Kunti Bhoja Maharaja that Kunti’s daasi decides to hand over the responsibility of Kunti and Suryaputra Karna to Adiratha.

karna serial Suryaputra Karn : 5 Basic Things Wrongly Shown in the Serial

Karna’s Foster Mother Radha Hates Karna

We all know that Karna’s foster mother Radha loved him very dearly, so much that Karna was even called as Radheya during his early days. However, despite these known facts, the serial Suryaputra Karn is keen to show that Radha dislikes Karna. In fact, she hates him and poor Karna is trying his best to earn his mother’s love. Forget fighting from the world over his caste, poor Karna is struggling hard to even get the attention of his mother.

Karna Adiratha Radha Mahabharat Suryaputra Karn : 5 Basic Things Wrongly Shown in the Serial

Karna Meets Kunti and her husband Pandu in a Forest

It is well know that Karna never met King Pandu, his mother’s husband and Pandavas father. However, here it is shown that the two meet in a forest. What’s more, when Pandu brings him along with him Kunti recognizes him. However, the truth is that Kunti met Karna only after Pandu’s death. This happened when Karna despite being a Sutputra tried to compete with the Kuru boys in a tournament.

surya putra karna sony tv Suryaputra Karn : 5 Basic Things Wrongly Shown in the Serial

It is just the start and we are sure Suryaputra Karn will bring more such fictions which would be too good to believe. However, the only good thing about the serial is its brilliant Star Cast. Perhaps that is why a certain section is watching this show despite so many discrepancies. 

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