Why the intelligent and righteous Vidura is so Rude & Insensitive in Suryaputra Karn serial? Why is he asking weird questions to Karna?

Suryaputra Karn serial on Sony TV has many deviations from the original story yet the fans watch it – No, not to learn about the mythology, but to entertain themselves with the drama, to watch kids learn archery, to witness what could have been life in the ancient times and to see things that one could only imagine.

karna 1 Suryaputra Karn: Why Is Vidura So Rude & Insensitive in the Serial?

However, off late, not just the script and storyline, even the characters are altered unlike the original Mahabharat. Here we share one such example – Vidura :

This Vidura Is Rude Unlike the Kind Vidura We Have Grown Up Watching

Last episode we saw how little Karna and his brother Shon are brought in the sabha when Shon reveals that it was not the King’s senapati but his brother Karna who had beaten the adivasis. However, nobody is ready to believe them. Everyone scolds them and shouts at them. While, we can expect Shakuni and Senapati being rude, an impolite Vidura was rather too much to digest. From when did Vidura turned out to be Shakuni part 2?

suryaputra karn vidur Suryaputra Karn: Why Is Vidura So Rude & Insensitive in the Serial?

Vidura Is Being Insensitive

Vidura in Mahabharat was known for being righteous. He was neither biased nor did he favor anyone. In fact, when everybody remained mum during Draupadi’s vastra haran, Vidura raised his voice (apart from Vikarna, Duryodhana’s younger brother) against the atrocities of Duryodhana and Dushashan.

He objected Draupadi’s humiliation when even the Pandavas remained silent spectators of the brutal crime. So how come the same Vidura is being insensitive to a little boy Karna and his family?

Vidura Is Eager to know the Caste of Karna

In the sabha nobody is ready to believe that a little boy Karna could defeat an army of van vaasi. Vidura instead of asking the little boy about the details tells him to shut his mouth. What’s more, instead of asking him to exhibit his archery skills, he asks Karna about his caste. Now don’t you think this is a bit too much on the part of Vidura?

karna suryaputra karn Suryaputra Karn: Why Is Vidura So Rude & Insensitive in the Serial?

How come a man who himself was sidelined only because of his birth would ever ask a little warrior about his caste? Besides, Vidura was a man who was totally devoted to the welfare of the people, then how on earth can he insult a kid and his family in the sabha on the basis of mere allegations?

Vidura Was Considered as a Dharmaraja

Krishna had given the title of Dharmaraja to Vidura. In fact, it was only because of his neutral behavior, devotion towards people and sense of justice that Lord Krishna preferred to spend a night in Vidura’s house than in Duryodhana’s palace when he came as a peace ambassador before the Kurukshetra war. A man who was respected by Lord Krishna, a man who always stood for right things – Do you think Vidura would ever try to accuse a child?

sony tv suryaputra karn Suryaputra Karn: Why Is Vidura So Rude & Insensitive in the Serial?

Vidura was one of the most respected persons in Mahabharat mainly because of his behavior towards others. However, it was rather strange to see a rude and impolite Vidura who kept on shouting on two little boys who were trying to reveal the truth.

Image Source: SonyLiv.com

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