Know all about the Childhood Struggles of Suryaputra Karna – How he was insulted, cursed & rejected at several occasions…

While not much has been described in original Mahabharat regarding Karna’s childhood, Sony TV’s Suryaputra Karna leaves no stones unturned in fantasizing the story. Based on the little information available on the Mahayodha, the serial tries to imagine Karna’s childhood. The story in many aspects is a deviation from the little available facts about Karna.

karna serial Suryaputra Karna : Know All About His Childhood Struggles

Here, we shall share the real information about Karna’s early days and also his struggles during his childhood

Although He was magnetized Towards Bow and Arrow, He Didn’t Get Any Teacher

Strange but true though Karna was a suta (nobody knew then he was Surya Devta’s son), he was keen to learn dhanush vidya – a vidya which only Kshatriyas could learn. He was magnetized towards archery but being a suta, he never got any teacher. What’s more, despite showing a tremendous performance in one of the tournaments Dronacharya declined to be his tutor as he was a suta and not a prince. He even told him to forget archery and help his charioteer father in his work.

parshurama curse to karna mahabharata 300x228 Suryaputra Karna : Know All About His Childhood Struggles

He Had to Lie To Get Training from Parshuram

When Dronacharya rejected Suryaputra Karna and even insulted him, he decided to approach Dronacharya’s guru Parshuram. However, Parshuram taught only Brahmins neither Kshatriya or to any other caste. Karna knew if he reveals his real identity, Parshuram would reject him immediately. So, Karna pretends as a Brahmin and gains knowledge of archery from none other than the great Parshurama.

karna mahabharat Suryaputra Karna : Know All About His Childhood Struggles

He Was Cursed by Parshuram for Breaking His Trust

Parshuram accepted Karna with open arms and trained him to such a level that he even declared him as his equal. He also gave his Brahmanda Astra. However, on his last day of schooling Karna offered his lap to his guru who wanted to take a nap. A bee came and stung Karna on his thighs but Karna didn’t move even when blood started coming out from his body.

karna parshurama Suryaputra Karna : Know All About His Childhood Struggles

However, when Parshurama woke up and saw what Karna had done he immediately realized he couldn’t be a Brahman. Now since Parshuram had vowed only to teach Brahmans, he cursed Karna that he would forget all his knowledge at a time when he would need the most.

He Was Once Cursed By Bhoomi Devi for Helping a Little Girl

Suryaputra Karna once met a little girl who was crying over her pot of split ghee. When Karna asked the reason for her sadness, she told Karna how her stepmother would be angry on her for her negligence. Karna then offered her a pot of ghee. However, the girl insisted that she wanted the same ghee. Karna couldn’t see her in pain and so he took the soil mixed with ghee in his fist and started squeezing it with all his strength.

suryaputra karna battlefield Suryaputra Karna : Know All About His Childhood Struggles

When he was doing this, he heard a painful grief of a woman. To his surprise, when he opened his fist, he realized that the painful voice was of none other than that of Bhoomidevi, the Earth goddess. She castigated Suryaputra Karna for causing pain to her for the sake of a child and cursed him that at a very critical stage in battle, his chariot would be stuck as forcefully as he had held that fistful of soil.

Though He was Superior to even the Kshatriyas, he was made fun because he was a Suta

Not once but many a times Suryaputra Karna was teased and insulted for being a suta in his childhood. Even a guru like Dronacharya didn’t spare him. However, his determination to learn warfare skills didn’t decline and he achieved his objective in spite of being a sutputra.

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