Did Sushim murder Devi Dharma? Know the facts and stories!

Samrat Bindusar’s wife Subhadrangi also known as Devi Dharma in popular culture is a popular female figure of the Mauryan Dynasty. The reason being, she is not just an ordinary wife of Bindusara but the mother of Ashoka, the Great.

While, there are many theories of her life and lifestyle, nothing concrete is known about her death. According to most of the available texts, stories, and documents it is believed that she was murdered after Ashoka’s marriage to his first wife Devi.

devi dharma Did Sushim and His Brothers Really Kill Devi Dharma?

Here we share some of the stories and fables related to the death of Devi Dharma:

Did Devi Dharma Die a Natural Death? Or Was She Murdered?

In the serial Chakravratin Ashoka Samrat, it was shown that following the wedding of Ashoka – Devi and Sushim – Chanda, Rajkumar Siamak heads into Devi Dharma’s room to get the royal stamp. However, his movement wakes up Dharma. Next, she confronts him for being a traitor, while, he starts to attack her. Soon Rajkumar Sushim joins Siamak and the two together suffocate Dharma to death.

rani dharma Did Sushim and His Brothers Really Kill Devi Dharma?

They run away from the spot. Both Ashoka and Bindusar come to Dharma but they fail to realize that it is not a natural death but a murder. This makes us wonder whether she was murdered the same way in history too or did she die a natural death.

Did Rajkumar Sushim and His Brothers Kill Ashoka’s Mother?

We are aware of the fact that Rajkumar Siamak is a fictional character. So, it is obvious that Dharma was not killed by Siamak even though he plotted her murder in the serial. This makes us wonder, whether Rajkumar Sushim kill Dharma in reality? Or did she really die a natural death?

Ankit Arora Sushim  Did Sushim and His Brothers Really Kill Devi Dharma?

Well going by the information available in the texts and documents it is highly assumed that Ashoka’s mother was killed by Rajkumar Sushim, the first born of Samrat Bindusara. Though the intentions of the killings are not known, it is said that Sushim had sent his soldiers and they murdered Dharma brutally.

Why Did Sushim Kill Dharma?

Well the sources elaborate that the killing of Dharma was an accident as the soldiers were sent to kill Ashoka’s wife Devi. However, Rani Dharma in a bid to protect Devi end up losing her own life. Sushim’s aim was to kill Ashoka’s progeny as Devi was pregnant that time. This is how Sushim ends up killing Ashoka’s mother according to the sources available. No Siamak has nothing to do while involvement of AShoka’s brothers are not known. Nevertheless, we hardly known the name of Ashoka’s brothers.

Image Source: Ashoka on Colors

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