Helena never conspired against BIndusar with Sushim and Charumitra

In the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat we have seen how the family members are eager to kill each other with all their might and supremacy. While, the brothers disliking and hatred is kind of ok and justified, the way Sushim, Charumitra and Helena keep on planning to kill Bindusar is something very odd and bizarre.

The writer is using all his liberty to distort history. Nevertheless, the series is no more a historical fiction but a fantasy fiction. Here we share you some instances, facts that prove that neither Sushim, Charumitra nor Rajmata Helena planned to kill Samrat Bindusar.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Sushim, Charumitra and Helena Never Planned to Kill Bindusar


Bindusar Had Good Relations With Helena and Her Family

The serial shows Rajmata Helena as an evil lady who seeks revenge from Bindusar, Magadh and the Mauryas for ruining her life and defeating the Greeks. However, in reality, Helena was in love with Chandragupta Maurya. She loved Bindusar and didn’t live much to show how good or evil she was.

rajmata helena Sushim, Charumitra and Helena Never Planned to Kill Bindusar

Also, Samrat Bindusar had cordial relations with the Greeks. The trade and foreign affairs of that time prove the friendly associations. Selecus Nicator too wasn’t a nemesis. Post the war there was peace between the Mauryans and the Greeks. So, the unnecessary enmity is nothing but masala to spice up the serial with the plot of revenge.

Sushim was Bindusar’s Favorite Son

No matter how much we cheer the glory of Samrat Ashoka, the fact remains unchanged that it was Sushim who was Samrat’s favorite son and not Ashoka. Now that Sushim was Bindusar’s most beloved son and the Samrat was keen to make him his heir, there is zero substance in the serial’s story that Sushim planned Bindusar’s death.

Ankit Arora Sushim Sushim, Charumitra and Helena Never Planned to Kill Bindusar


Also, it is indeed a shame to show a wife (here in this case Maharani Charumitra) plotting to kill her own husband (Samrat Bindusar). It is not only false but also defamation of the Maharani who must have always prayed for her husband’s good health and long life.

We know there might be fight between the brothers and their respective mothers but that doesn’t mean the mothers of the son i.e.the wives of Samrat Bindusar would stoop low and plan to execute one’s own husband, one’s own suhaag. This is almost impossible and here in this case completely false.

The mother son duo might have planned against Ashoka and his mother (though there is no evidence of Sushim’s mother joining him in his ploy), but they would have certainly not planned the killing of Samrat Bindusar. Besides, the real enmity between the brother started post the death of Bindusar when Ashoka was forcefully crowned as Magadh’s temporary Samrat by the ministers despite knowing the fact that Bindusar wanted his elder son Sushim to become the next Samrat.

The serial Chakravarin Ashoka samrat is interesting and intriguing but almost all the plots and sequence is fiction except of course the basic storyline.

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