Will Sushim and Charumitra save Helena and themselves from Ashoka?

Ashoka during the execution of Uttar mentions that he is aware that Uttar is not Gondna but in order to remove the fear of Gondna from the minds of the people, it was necessary to claim Uttar as Gondna. He further states that he is aware that Gondna is not a male but a certain female. This scares Sushim and Siamak.

Rajmata Helena Is Scared

They all rush in the hideout of Helena and shares that Ashoka is aware that Gondna is a woman. Helena fears that it won’t take much time for Ashoka to know who that woman is. In fact, she is scared whether he already knows about her.

rajmata helena ashoka serial Can Sushim and Charumitra Hide Gondna aka Helena from Ashoka?

She reminds everybody about Ashoka’s bravery, strength, power and how he has defeated them every time. When Siamak and Sushim reminds her that they defeated him many times, she makes them understand that he was never really defeated instead he rose like a phoenix every time they tried to kill him. This time even Helena is scared as she knows that Ashoka is invincible and nobody can come in between him and his mission. While, it was Helena who always planned against everyone, it is interesting to watch her simply defending herself based on AShoka’s moves.

Charumitra and Sushim to Hide Helena in the Palace

They all know Ashoka will go to any heights to reach Gondna and if he reaches Gondna, it won’t take much time to expose everybody including Sushim, Siamak and Charumitra. Therefore, Sushim plans to hide Helena in his own room in the palace. He thinks Ashoka won’t look for Gondna in his room. They will successfully hide Gondna i.e. Rajmata Helena in the room.

charumitra in ashoka Can Sushim and Charumitra Hide Gondna aka Helena from Ashoka?

Rajmata Helena getting exposed will end everything as Samrat BIndusar will know the real truth and everybody’s involvement in conspiring not only against Ashoka and Dharma but also against Acharya Chanakya. That will surely be an end of everybody’s dream including the fantasy of Sushim and Siamak.

Will Ashoka Reach Helena?

Ashoka has hints about Sushim and Siamak’ s involvement in hiding Gondna. Now that he is determined to reach Gondna, we are sure he will definitely get some hints about Gondna as well as Rajmata Helena. After all, she cannot be each time especially now that the ball has turned in Ashoka’s court.

We are sure Ashoka along with Radhagupt and others will definitely reach Gondna and even realize that Helena is alive. However, we are not sure how he will convince Bindusar about the same. No wonder, unless and until he catches her red-handed Bindusar won’t believe AShoka’s story. The two are still not in good terms and BIndusar thinks his son has become cruel and brainless.

ashoka colors tv Can Sushim and Charumitra Hide Gondna aka Helena from Ashoka?

So, the question is how and when will Ashoka expose Rajmata Helena even if he reaches her hideout inside the palace or will BIndusar himself reach Helena?

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