Will Samrat be impressed by Sushim and his dedication towards Magadh?

Seleucus Nicator has attacked Samrat and Magadh. While almost everybody is shocked and distressed, Samrat decides to war with Seleucus all alone. He is not ready to sit quiet and depend on his little army when Nicator has broken his trust and invaded the palace by bribing an insider. Samrat is angry, betrayed and all the more frustrated for people considering his kindness as his weakness.

Bindusar Fights and Sushim Saves His life

Bindusar like a true Mauryan blood removes his sword and runs towards the Unanis to fight against them. He kills many soldiers all alone. After all, he is a Samrat and a warrior.  Meanwhile, Sushim too rescues himself from the Unanis and fight back. He comes out from the area where he was captured. And just when somebody is about to kill Bindusar with his sword, Sushim comes and saves Bindusar’s life in time. Samrat proudly watches him and his highly pleased to see him in action.

ashoka sushim fight Will Sushim Become a Hero in front of Samrat?

Bindusar is Pleased with Sushim and Disheartened by Ashoka’s Actions

Since Sushim is being a good boy in front of Samrat, he now thinks he is genuinely a good prince. On the other hand, he isn’t very much impressed by Ashoka. In addition, when Magadh needs an army, Ashoka is away with it and that too with the best soldiers. Besides, Sushim reminds Bindusar about it time and again. Sushim is leaving no stones unturned in showing Ashoka in a bad light. Bindusar’s disliking is adding to his advantage. This is working in favor of Sushim.

sushim ashoka siamak Will Sushim Become a Hero in front of Samrat?

Sushim Is Unconscious Too

In the battle against Nicator, Sushim worked hard against the Unanis and it is because of this he even got unconscious. He is in a bad state and his courage and bravery is something that Bindusar will not forget for long. On the other hand, Ashoka is far off and isn’t aware what’s happening in Magadh. It is obvious that Bindusar will become closer towards Sushim now that he thinks Ashoka is greedy and haughty.

sushim Will Sushim Become a Hero in front of Samrat?

Will Sushim Become a Hero?

Sushim has made quite a name in this entire drama. First, he saved Bindusar from the attacks and then even became unconscious while fighting. All these factors will surely be looked into, making him more or less a Hero in front of everybody. On the contrary, Ashoka is now looked upon as a greedy prince who wanted the throne.

sushim Will Sushim Become a Hero in front of Samrat?

Going by all these situations and circumstances, we wonder whether Sushim will become a hero and Ashoka will be misunderstood forever? No wonder, almost everybody including Samrat has failed to understand Ashoka and his principle in life. We just hope the misunderstandings are cleared soon.

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