Sushim to give Samrat Bindusar a heartache by exposing the truth of Siamak in Ashoka serial. Will he become the cause of his death?

As expected, Rajkumar Sushim is alive in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. He was rescued by his mother Charumitra who refused to believe that her son died. No wonder, both of them have the blessings of the kaali Shakti that kind of supports them always. In fact, with the help of this black magic, they could even trouble Dharma, and Ashoka.

However, now that Charumitra is successful in saving Sushim and they both will return to Patialaputra we expect some dhamaka. After all, Rajkumar Sushim now knows the fact that Rajkumar Siamak was not Samrat Bindusar’s son but Rajkumar Justin’s son. So, now that Sushim is heading to the palace yet again, we are sure he will finally bring out the truth in front of the Samrat.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Was Sushim the reason of Samrat Bindusar’s death?

Sushim to Reveal Siamak’s Facts to Samrat Bindusar

In the precap, it is shown that Rajkumar Sushim reveals everything about Siamak to Bindusar. The moment Samrat hears, he gets a heartache and he cries taking Ashoka’s name. No wonder, this was the weapon Sushim was talking about when he mentioned that he has acquired the weapon that can kill Bindusar, his father.

bindusar helena ashoka Was Sushim the reason of Samrat Bindusar’s death?

Now that Dharma is dead, Siamak is dead and the story has to move on forward, we assume that this truth in a way will take away Bindysar’s life. Thus, leaving behind only the two – Sushim and Ashoka along with Acharya Radhagupt. This plot in a way highlights that Sushim became a cause of Samrat Bindusar’s death. After all, he opens up a fact that is not just painful but emotionally agonizing. But was the reality same? Did Bindusar die due to Sushim’s negligence, mistake or lie/truth?

Rajkumar Sushim and Bindusar: The Final Moments

The reason why Samrat Bindusar fell sick before his death is not known. However, it is known that when he was breathing his last, Sushim was not in Patliaputra but in Takshashila. In fact, Bindusar wanted to see him badly. This is the reason why he wanted Ashoka to go to Takshashila so that Sushim could come back and he could make him his heir.

bindusar in ashoka Was Sushim the reason of Samrat Bindusar’s death?

However, when the ministers including Acharya Radhagupt got to know about Samrat’s intention they faked Ashoka’s ill health in front of Samrat and compelled him to make Ashoka as the heir in the absence of Sushim. Samrat Bindusar was always in favor of Sushim. According to texts, they shared a good rapport. In fact, Samrat Bindusar had issues with Ashoka. So, it is really annoying to watch Rajkumar Sushim becoming the cause of Bindusar’s ull health and also death in the serial.

What are your views on the same? What do you think?

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