Sushim now knows that Siamak was not Bindusar’s son – Will he reveal the same to Bindusar?

Finally, Ashoka killed Siamak in Takshashila. The fighting between them was worth a watch. The twists and the turns brought in the plot was interesting. However, as a viewer we are a bit petrified that the lot of Unanis and Khorasanis died and Bindusar still doesn’t know about Rani Noor and Rajkumar Justin’s betrayal.

Bindusar still isn’t aware that Siamak wasn’t his son but his brother’s son. We had expected a lot of drama ever since we got to know about the fact. Unfortunately, it was always kept a secret in the serial.

After the death of Siamak, we thought that the secret will die with him as Ashoka has no intentions to reveal it to his father. However, good thing is that Sushim has overheard their conversation.

new ashoka serial Will Sushim Inform Bindusar about Siamak’s Truth?

Sushim Now Knows the Reality of Siamak

Though Siamak is dead, Sushim has heard the fact that Rajkumar Siamak was not Bindusar’s son but Rakjumar Justin’s son. Everything flashes in front of him and he realizes why the Unani’s always supported Siamak. It was not because Justin was Siamak’s teacher but because Siamak was also a Unani. He then understands why Rajmata Helena always supported and aided Siamak. Though he is shocked he connects the dot appropriately.

siamak ashoka serial Will Sushim Inform Bindusar about Siamak’s Truth?

This makes us wonder whether he will reveal the truth to Samrat Bindusar and use the same for his advantage or perhaps keep quiet and ask favor from Ashoka in return.

Sushim to Reveal Siamak’s truth to Bindusar?

Sushim is highly injured but now that he knows Siamak’s truth, we hope he doesn’t die so soon. After all, we want to see a full-fledged war against the two brothers. Also, it is known that Ashoka killed Sushim post Samrat Bindusar died not before that.

So, does that mean Sushim will be successful in telling Siamak’s truth to Bindusar? Well, going by the plot it seems he can. Besides, as viewers we have been waiting for his moment from long. Though it won’t be interesting as the show neither has Noor, Justin nor Helena and Siamak, it wouldn’t be fair if the CVs keep it as a secret right till the very end.

Ankit Arora Sushim  Will Sushim Inform Bindusar about Siamak’s Truth?

Now this makes us wonder whether Siamak’s truth will become the cause of Bindusar’s miseries and poor health. Well, you never know if the truth takes away Bindusar’s life too. And then Ashoka in order to avenge his father’s death, kills Sushim and justifies his murders in the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

No wonder, the serial is complete fictional and has no connection with history whatsoever. So such a twist wouldn’t be shocking as we have already seen lot of unrealistic and illogical plots in the past.

What do you think? What will happen next?

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