Sushmita Sen was last night’s guest on Comedy Nights with Kapil. It seemed to be a mutual admiration society, which got a bit tedious after a time

Turns out that Comedy Nights with Kapil is not just about film promotions; the show also serves to remind us of the half-forgotten celebrities amidst us as well. We haven’t really seen Sushmita Sen in movies in recent times – she has been in the news more for other reasons such as her adopted daughters, so it was quite pleasant to see her on Kapil’s show last night.

Sushmita Sen on Comedy Nights with Kapil

sushmita sen on comedy nights with kapil Sushmita Sen on Comedy Nights with KapilIt seemed to be something of a mutual admiration society, with Sushmita heaping praise on Kapil and Kapil as usual declaring himself to be besotted with anything remotely female (who is not his wife, that is) and the colour-coordinated Navjote Singh Sidhu constantly spouting shayari at the guest. All that singing of everyone’s praises got a little tedious after a while and one felt like one had had an overdose of saccharine.

For a change the show acknowledged the unshakable devotion that most Indian wives have for their husbands, no matter how undeserving. When Kapil persuaded his wife to get into a refrigerator for his own reasons, he had the grace to at least acknowledge this.

Raju and Dadi were absent from the show, but Chandan Prabhakar appeared in his other role as Mr. Chaddha, the neigbhourhood Parkinson’s sufferer. Palak and Dhamaka also made an appearance.palak and kapil Sushmita Sen on Comedy Nights with Kapil

Sushmita Sen has a rather charming habit of referring to everyone as ‘Meri Jaan’ or ‘Darling’ – this obviously completely liquefied Kapil Sharma and went down extremely well with the audience as well. She also spoke about her charitable trust on the show. She then proceeded to give a demo of a new fitness programme that involves a loop of cloth suspended from the ceiling and doing various exercises with this. It remains to be seen whether this slightly outlandish looking fitness fad will catch on.

Meanwhile enjoy the full episode of the show featuring the stars of 2 States, Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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Photos courtesy – Comedy Nights with Kapil Facebook page and Video – Courtesy Colors YouTube Channel


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