Sushmita Sen set the stage of Comedy Nights With Kapil on fire – making the episode one of the best of CNWK

There are two types of people in Bollywood, one which you like and one which you don’t. However, Sushmita Sen is lo loved and admired by all. Her contagious smile, love for all and the zest in her approach not only woos people but also makes them fall in love with her. Perhaps, that is why the gorgeous Miss Universe set the stage in fire  fire  on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil last night.

Sushmita Sen Was At Her Flirtatious Best

While, most of the actresses come with their fake smile to promote their films on reality shows, Sushmita Sen was genuinely seen enjoying the show. A humorous person with great sense of humor she soon joined  in the laughter riot as if she is one among the crew members. The funny twist in the tale was Sushmita responding to Kapil Sharma’s flirtatious remarks like a sport. For a change, Kapil blushed all throughout the show, while Sushmita rocked the stage throughout.

susmita kapil Why Sushmita Sen Rocked the Sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

Sushmita was Positive and Vibrant

Everybody loves positive and vibrant people, Sush is one such lady! Keeping the essence of the show, Sush not only showed her humor side but also gave Navjot Singh Sidhu a competition by her shayaris. Her energy was visible and so was her positive vibrations. People became so magnetized that soon people started raving about her on Social Media.

Sushmita Sen Kapil Sharma Why Sushmita Sen Rocked the Sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

She did acknowledge the sitting audiences

Sushmita interacted with the audiences by calling them with their first name and even addressed them by Jaan, Jaanu and Darling – No wonder she called Kapil as Jaaneman. Seeing, the unexpected “apnapan” from a star and that too a celebrity who was once was a Miss Universe, people went crazy.

susmita sen comedy nights with kapil Why Sushmita Sen Rocked the Sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

She had fun not only with Kapil but also with his wife and other supporting cast

Sush had a word of appreciation not only for Kapil but also for his wife. Perhaps, it was Sushmita effect on the stage that for a change we saw Kapil appreciating Bharitya Naari’s dedication and commitment towards her husband, no matter how bad he might be. Her conversation with Chadda Ji and Palak was humorous and nothing could beat her sense of humor, not even Navot Sidhu’s timely shayaris. I only wonder, why Dadi was missing. Had she been there the Sharma house would definitely require a fire brigade.

Sushmita Sen Kapil Wife Why Sushmita Sen Rocked the Sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

Sushmita Sen surprised people with her aerial acts

Stretching like a gymnast and moving gracefully like a dancer, Sushmita Sen performed an aerial act to give a live demo of what people will be taught in her Fitness Studio. Not even once, I could see her face with a grin while performing the stunt – the beauty smiled all throughout the act. It is the prime element of her fitness mantra – “Smile” and “Be Positive”

Sushmita Sen Aerial Act Why Sushmita Sen Rocked the Sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil

One of the best episodes of Comedy Nights With Kapil.

By: Deepti Verma

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