Suyyash Rai was eliminated to secure another contestant’s place in Bigg Boss 9…

Bigg Boss undoubtedly is one of the most watched TV shows. This is the reason why viewers did show interest in Bigg Boss 9 even though the season wasn’t up to the mark.

No wonder, the makers and the channel tried their best to bring some spark in the show by adding a lot of wild card entrants – From Priya Malik to Kanwaljeet Singh, Rishabh Sinha, Puneet Vashist, Gizele Thakral and Nora Fatehi.

rishabh sinha 1 bigg boss9 colors Shocking! The Elimination of Suyyash Rai Was Scripted!


Perhaps, this is the reason why –

The Eliminations Are Scripted

There have always been gossips and rumours that some of the fights and eliminations are scripted. However, the channel and contestants have always denied it. However, this year, courtesy low TRPs, there is one elimination that was totally scripted.

suyyash rai bigg boss 91 Shocking! The Elimination of Suyyash Rai Was Scripted!

Suyyash Rai’s Elimination Was Scripted

Remember Suyyash’s revelation in one of our articles where he had stated that he got more votes than other contestants who were declared safe? Well, according to Suyyash Rai, he was the second person to get maximum votes after Mandana Karimi.

suyyash mandana rishabh Shocking! The Elimination of Suyyash Rai Was Scripted!

Suyyash, if you remember, was not only puzzled about how this voting system works in Bigg Boss but also felt that he was deliberately voted out. Still, the man didn’t have any regrets or grudges as he thought it is just a game, and at the end of the day it is a business for the channel and the producers. So, it was totally okay for him that the show will only keep contestants who either benefit them or their TRPs.

Well, Suyyash’s Accusations was Indeed Correct!

Yes, the weekend Suyyash Rai was eliminated after Nora Fatehi in double elimination, he had received more votes than Rishabh Sinha. However, like we said since Rishabh is more into controversies and is an asset to the channel wrt TRPs, the makers decided to eliminate Suyyash instead of Rishabh.

suyyash rai elimination controversy Shocking! The Elimination of Suyyash Rai Was Scripted!

Here’s what a source from the Bigg Boss 9 sets revealed,

“When Suyyash was eliminated, he had received more votes than Rishabh Sinha. But the team decided to interchange Rishabh and Suyyash’s votes and so the latter was eliminated.”

Why Was Suyyash Rai Evicted Despite Gaining More Votes?

Remember how Salman Khan, the Bigg Boss host, had blasted Suyyash Rai after he had threatened to kill Mandana Karimi? Well, the buzz is ‘this’ was precisely the reason why he was evicted the following week. However, Suyyash Rai denied that he was evicted because of his threatening remarks to Mandana Karimi

Suyash Mandana Shocking! The Elimination of Suyyash Rai Was Scripted!

The other reason like we already guessed above was to save Rishabh. No wonder, Rishabh Sinha was always a strong contender as compared to Suyyash as he played the game well and also created controversies, much to the benefit of the channel. Now that Suyyash stood weak and wasn’t able to do that much, the makers weighed down everything and ultimately decided to evict Suyyash though he had more votes than Rishabh.

Perhaps this is the reason why we heard that Suyyash Rai was partying hard with Salman Khan after his elimination. Perhaps Bhai was making him.understand 😀

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