Will Swara and Ragini know about Rajat & Parineeta’s plan in Swaragini? Will they together expose them?

Swara and Ragini can never be happy and trouble free in Swaragini on Colors TV especially Swara who seems to be a problem-solving machine in the serial who has to solve every other issues of the family. Besides, no matter how she proves herself, somebody or the other creates problems for her.  While everybody seems to be happy with her currently, Uttara’s boyfriend Rajat, an imposter is creating major issues for her.

In addition, the person who is helping Rajat in doing all the nonsense is none other than Parineeta – Adarsh Maheshwari’s wife and the elder bahu of the family.

Swara Knows Rajat’s Evil Intention But Isn’t Aware about Parineeta’s Involvement

Rajat is blackmailing Swara to give him everything that he wants. This is the reason why Swara hands him all the cash of the house. While, Swara wouldn’t have bulged, she is compelled to give Rajat all he wants because he has kidnapped Parineeta. He is blackmailing her and Swara is doing all the wrong things only to save Parineeta’s life.

swaragini update Will Swaragini Know Rajat and Parineeta’s Plan?

Swara has no idea that Parineeta too is involved in Rajat’s plan and this is nothing but their plan. She has no clue that Parineeta too is a culprit here. No wonder, she wants to become good bahu in front of everyone by showing Swara in a negative light. Parineeta is being at her evil best in order to gain limelight. She knows Swara is her competitor and so she wants to spoil her impression forever.

Swara Will Reveal all about Parineeta’s kidnapping to Ragini

In the previous episode we saw how Ragini is concerned looking at a worried Swara. She asks her the reason of her worry. In the precap we even saw Swara narrating the story of Rajat to Ragini and also revealing the fact that Parineeta has been kidnapped by Rajat. We are sure Swaragini together will yet again find the solution to the problem and while finding the solution, it is quite apparent that the two will get into the bottom of the problem.

rajat swaragini Will Swaragini Know Rajat and Parineeta’s Plan?

Will Swaragini Know about Parineeta’s Evil Plan?

Swaragini in their mission to expose Rajat will surely know about Parineeta. They will know how Parineeta is being evil just to look good in front of everybody. However, it would be interesting to see how and when the girls would know that Parineeta is indeed culprit and one of the reasons of their problems.

swaragini swara Will Swaragini Know Rajat and Parineeta’s Plan?

Will Swaragini Expose Rajat and Parineeta

Now the question is – Will the sisters be able to expose Rajat and Parineeta because they need to be quick otherwise soon Uttara will have to marry Rajat who is none other than an imposter trying to rob the Maheshwaris. Buzz was that Swara will soon lose her memory we wonder if it is related to this track. Nevertheless,  we are eager to watch whether the two would be successful in exposing Rajat and Praineeta or will they again have to face the burnt of the Maheshwaris?

swaragini swara ragini drama Will Swaragini Know Rajat and Parineeta’s Plan?

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