Here’s the latest spoiler of Swaragini serial!

Swaragini serial is going through an altogether new phase where both the sisters are not only happy but sharing a great space with their respective partners. While, Swara is happy with Sanskar, Ragini is finally united with Lakshya and Lakshya too loves her immensely. There are no hard feelings amongst the four. Nobody hates anybody. Interestingly, they all are supportive and working in harmony in the interest of each other.

However, the outside forces will not allow them to live in peacefully. Yes, soon there will be a lot of chaos in the Maheshwari house. This time, it won’t be Parineeta. Here, we share the spoilers one by one –

Sharmishtha to Get Pregnant

Interestingly, the latest buzz is that Sharmishtha – the mother of Swara and Ragini will get pregnant. Yes, do not get shocked because that’s what the writers are planning in the serial. The pregnancy track is about to happen and it will turn many things upside down. After all, Sharmishtha is a mother of two married women.

sharmishtha Swaragini Spoiler Alert: 5 Latest Spoilers You Must Know!

Dadi Will Try to Kill Sharmishtha

Dadi will not be able to bear that Sharmistha is pregnant. The lady will go mad hearing Sharmishtha and Shekhar will become parents yet again. Next, she will try to hurt Sharmistha and even make an attempt to kill her. No wonder, Dadi never liked Sharmishtha and here she will once again show her real colors by harming Sharmishtha and even trying to kill her.

swaragini Swaragini Spoiler Alert: 5 Latest Spoilers You Must Know!

Swara to Discuss Rakesh with Uttara

Swara in the coming episodes will inform Uttara that Rakesh is not the perfect guy for Uttara. She will even try to convey the same to Uttara. No wonder, we all know how concern Swara is for each of the members in the Maheshwari family and she would not want Uttara to fall for a wrong guy. She will try her best to convince Uttara.

swaragini uttara Swaragini Spoiler Alert: 5 Latest Spoilers You Must Know!


Rakesh Will Plan to Kill Swara

Rakesh, Uttara’s boyfriend is not much fond of Swara and Ragini. So when Swara will express her displeasure towards Rakesh, he will think to remove her from his way. Yes, he will then plan to kill Swara so that she is out of his way forever. Buzz is that he will push her from a cliff with the intention to kill her.

swara swaragini Swaragini Spoiler Alert: 5 Latest Spoilers You Must Know!

Swara Will Lose Her Memory

Rakesh will somehow be successful in pushing Swara from the cliff. However, Swara will not die unfortunately, she will lose her memory. Yes, poor Swara will have “Mai Kahan Hoon” moment in Swaragini soon. We wonder, how will Sanskar react post he knows that Swara has lost her memory.

swaragini swara ragini Swaragini Spoiler Alert: 5 Latest Spoilers You Must Know!

Though memory loss is quite common in TV serials, we wonder what will be the reaction of Sanskar when he will know that Swara no more can recollect anything. Will Sanskar revive her memory or will she fail to understand his love/feelings completely – What do you think will happen next?

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