Swaragini Spoiler – Know everything about Swara and Sanskar’s romantic date

Finally, a time to rejoice for the fans of Sanskar and Swara and all the loyal viewers of Colors’ TV Swaragini (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms). Well, finally the moment has come where Swara (Helly Shah) and her husband Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) will spend romantic moments after long.

Yes, the wait is finally over as the stunning pair will finally be seen spending some good time together after a lot of unnecessary family drama.

Swara’s Plans Will Backfire

In the coming episodes, almost all of Swara’s plan will backfire as Kavya (Roop Durgapal) will spoil all her tricks. Kavya will outsmart Swara in every step. This will not only fail Swara but also dishearten her completely.

swara sanskar Swaragini Spoiler: Swara and Sanskar To Go For a Romantic Date!

In addition, Swara will know that it is Kavya Maheshwari, Laksh’s newly wedded wife who is responsible for her father’s accident. This will further make her tense. Seeing a tensed Swara, her beloved hubby Sanskar will plan something very romantic to divert her attention from problems surrounding in their life.

Sanskar To Plan A Romantic Date With Swara

According to some reliable source since Swara will be concerned about her family and highly bothered about Kavya’s plans, her hubby Sanskaar will try to cheer her up. He will then plan something special for her.

swara sanskar swaragini Swaragini Spoiler: Swara and Sanskar To Go For a Romantic Date!

Next, the couple will plan to go on a quick date. This is where Swara and Sanskar will be seen spending some romantic moments with each other, finally gettiing some “WE” time. And we are all set to see another Gerua dance from them.

Now that the couple is bonding really well, here are some reasons why we are excited to watch this romantic sequence in Swaragini

Plotting, Planning and Betrayal Has Become Boring

Its been long since we saw some love and romance in the serial. No wonder, Swaragini has become more and more of a show where shadrayant, dhoka, daga is something more common. Off late, the over dose of the sane is killing us. A romantic sequence would be a good breezer.

swara sanskar swasan love story Swaragini Spoiler: Swara and Sanskar To Go For a Romantic Date!

We have Hardly Seen Swara and Sanskar Together

When Swara and Sanskar got married the fans got excited thinking that the serial will now focus on their life with a lot of love and romance. However, nothing of that sort happened actually. In fact, they didn’t even get to spend a day together. Courtesy Laksh Maheshwari who dropped a bomb by marrying Kavya instead of Ragini.

sanskar swara story Swaragini Spoiler: Swara and Sanskar To Go For a Romantic Date!

Love and Romance Is Better than Betrayal!

Too much of negativity often makes the serial too boring and monotonous. After all, almost all the serial somehow or the other stick to that concept. However, love and romance is something that makes the serial exciting especially when the track is between TV’s favorite couple – Swara and Sanskar. Interestingly, they also got the award of Best Couple in Golden Petals Awards this year.

swaragini romance photo Swaragini Spoiler: Swara and Sanskar To Go For a Romantic Date!

Now that both Swara and Sanskar is making some noise as TV’s favorite couple, we hope the writers add more such tracks in the coming episodes. We are definitely very excited to watch this track. You too?

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