Ragini is all set to kill Sanskar in Swaragini – Know the reason, the plot and the spoiler

The TV serial Swaragini is at its best as we are getting to see everything that is least expected. For instance, we neither thought Ragini will end her memory loss drama so soon nor did we expect Laksh to fool Swara that he just want to be friends with her so that he can once again get her back in his life.

And now if that was not enough we have –

Ragini Making Sanskar Jealous

Ragini is well versed with Sanskar’s feelings for Swara. This is the reason why she is trying to hurt him as much as she can. She purposely makes Sanskar see Laksh and Swara together. What’s more he hears Laksh laughing and Swara laughing as well. Now that he loves Swara and knows that Laksh wants her back in his life, he gets jealous. This makes Ragini quite happy.

ragini sanskar swaragini Swaragini Updates   Ragini to Kill Sanskar?

Well, the notorious Ragini has more plans for Sanskar

Ragini Is Planning to Kill Sanskar

If sources are to be believed then Ragini will mastermind Sanskar’s murder. Yes, Ragini wants to eliminate Sanskar forever. The reason? Well, because she wants to make Swara realize the pain of losing someone whom one love so dearly.

sanskar ragini swaragini tv serial Swaragini Updates   Ragini to Kill Sanskar?

The Reason of Killing Sanskar?

Swara is all set to give her marriage a second chance. She is not ready to divorce Sanskar. This is not something which Ragini wants. Ideally, she should have been happy about it as this makes things easy for her. Unfortunately, she is not at all happy but wants a revenge from Swara and this is precisely the reason why she is planning to kill Sanskar.

swara sanskar swasan love story Swaragini Updates   Ragini to Kill Sanskar?

Ragini Wants Only Revenge

Nobody loves Ragini but both the guys love Swara. This is making Ragini mad and so as her revenge she is all set to kill Sanskar, whom Swara wants to give a second chance.

ragini swaragini colors Swaragini Updates   Ragini to Kill Sanskar?

How Ragini is Planning the Murder?

Well, Ragini is all inspired by the terrorists group. Yes, she is planning to plant a bomb in Sanskar’s car. She wants to kill Sanskar only to make Swara realize how one feels after losing a loved one forever. Yes, Ragini is getting as nasty as that.

sanskar swara swaragini Swaragini Updates   Ragini to Kill Sanskar?

Will Ragini Get Successful in her Plan?

Well, ideally, she should not as it will be end of Varun Kapoor’s character, and audience will not want Sanskar to die. So, we hope the writers of the show will not let Sanskar die.

swara sanskar ragini plan Swaragini Updates   Ragini to Kill Sanskar?

However, you never know if Sanskar is presumed to be dead and everyone believes that he is dead including Ragini but in reality he is alive and trying to find out Ragini’s truth. Well, that’s a wild guess as anything drastic can happen in Swaragini these days.

Will The Blame Come on Laksh?

Everybody knows that Laksh wants Swara to come back in his life. This will make everybody point their finger at Laksh including Sujata and Annaporna as Ragini made them believe that Laksh and Swara are still in love. This will surely change the complete scenario in the serial – What do you think?

What do you think – Will Ragini be successful in her plan? Will she kill Sanskar? Or will she do more nasty things in the coming episodes of Swaragini.

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