Ragini is back in her evil avatar. This time she is faking a memory loss in Swaragini!

Rashmi Sharma’s TV serial Swaragini is going through some high level of drama. The twists and turns never cease to stop and we are thrown with surprises each day. The latest is that Ragini got an electric shock and she has lost her memory.

We thought the writers are interested in turning Ragini from negative to positive. However, we were wrong because Ragini is faking her memory loss.

Ragini’s Memory Loss – The Entire Story

Ragini gets an electric shock and wakes up normally asking what is everybody doing in her maayka. Next, she asks why Annapurna and other ladies are wearing Bengali saree.

ragini swaragini serial1 Swaragini Updates   Ragini is Faking Her Memory Loss!



Unfortunately, Ragini is seen remembering only her marriage with Laksh and nothing beyond that. Everybody is shocked to see her in such a state. Doctor then takes Shekhar outside and informs him that Ragini is suffering from partial amnesia where she has forgotten the past few days. He further states that Ragini should not be pressurized for anything or she will get shock which can turn fatal.

According to this memory loss she has no idea that her plan got exposed and that Laksh knows everything about her evil intentions to get him. She is behaving normally and asking everybody why is she in her maayka when she should be in her sasural. Interestingly, she is blaming Swara for separating her and Laksh – The same Swara who helped her when everybody else boycotted her including her daadi and dad. However, there is no truth in Ragini’s memory loss because she is faking it.

ragini swara swaragini Swaragini Updates   Ragini is Faking Her Memory Loss!

Ragini Is Faking Her Memory Loss

Ragini never improved and this memory loss is a drama to take revenge not only from Swara and Sankskar but also Laksh. Yes, she wants to take revenge from Laksh as well because she did everything to get him, and he joined hands with Swara-Sankar to expose her which ruined everything including her relationship with her father, grandmother and grandfather.

swaragini swara ragini drama Swaragini Updates   Ragini is Faking Her Memory Loss!

She is highly agitated to see everybody hating her. This is the reason why she has started her memory loss drama. As Sujata said this is Part 3 of the Mahasangram between the two sisters. The first one was won by Ragini where she married Lakshya, part 2 was won by Swara for exposing Ragini and part 3 has just started. Let’s see what is Ragini upto this time in Swaragini.

Ragini Cannot See Swara Getting All the Limelight

Ragini cannot see Swara’s dariyadilli but she is being jealous of her as everybody seems to be praising her left right and centre. Ragini wants to end this chapter of Swara being mahan. She has vowed to show Swara the door this time again. It would be interesting to see whether she can or she cannot.

Swaragini Actress Cast Images Swaragini Updates   Ragini is Faking Her Memory Loss!

However, something that we really cannot understand is everybody’s reaction. Well, they still think Ragini is not acting or playing any drama in the house. Even Sanskar and Swara seems to be believing her fake story.

However, let’s see whether Ragini succeeds in her plan or Laksh spoils her game entirely in Swaragini.

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