Syed Ali Shah Geelani thinks of himself as Gandhi – of course, his true intentions are something else.

This is part 2 in a series of “Know Your Separatist Kashmiri Leaders” – the previous was about Basharat Peer, the current post is about Syed Ali Shah Geelani.

Syed Geelani Geelani Barks Again

Syed Geelani

I only have disgust for this man and certainly it is hard to write about such a person – but after being released from house arrest he is suddenly in the lime light again. I would just like to point out a few details on him. He pretends to be Gandhi or something of that stature. Listen to him speak in the “Azaadi Conference” in Delhi on freedom – the video is Part 2 of his speech.

Some points from the video above

a) He accuses the Patiala and the Indian army to have killed and assaulted lakhs in Jammu at the time when Indian forces first came into Kashmir
b) He disputes any Instrument of Accession as signed by Hari Singh and further goes on to say that even if it existed , it was only conditional
c) That its the birth and fundamental right of Kashmiris to seek independence from India
d) Of course, no terrorists with AK-47 in Kashmir, only stone-pelters
e) Go India Go
f) He speaks of freedom to live and then immediately goes onto say that no muslim should dare to drink alcohol in Kashmir, but that non-muslims will be allowed to consume if their religion allows it
g) that he will give complete security and religious freedom to all minorities in Kashmir once the Indian Army leaves and that the only thing that Kashmiri’s want is for the Indian army to leave and that this has nothing to do with Pakistan but with the wishes of the Kashmiri people and their desire for freedom.

While browsing I found a “separatist” facebook page. And why not, if a separatist like Basharat Peer can become an editor in New York Times, then terrorist organizations are certainly entitled to their own facebook page and time-line updates after all its all about social media these days ! I was tempted to link to it , but fear that they would delete the particular posts I had linked to – hence the screen shots are below – immediately after a youtube video showing Mr. Geelani’s credibility, lack of connection to Pakistan, and religious tolerance in a very transparent manner.

The abhorrence of the Geelani camp to Kashmiris participating in the electoral process is quite clear.

geelani 2 Geelani Barks Again

The second image sums it all – he is 84 (Weak Body…) and will probably not be with us for long !! His Iron soul, Steel Will and Golden Principles will surely follow him to his grave.

Geelani 1 Geelani Barks Again

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Image Source : By Islamhub (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons, Facebook