Jio is an unforgettable telecom revolution in India whose imprints would certainly last for keeps.

On a sincere note, don’t know whether or not Modi could bring about ‘Acche Din’ in India, but ‘Jio’ has definitely done so. Jio is an unforgettable telecom revolution in India whose imprints would certainly last for keeps.

Where there’s a revolution, there’s always a change. Ever since the launch of Jio, India has undergone significant alterations in different realms.

Of all the transformations India went under the charm of Jio let us take a gander at the laughable aspects of it.

 Reliance Jio SIM Cards Connectivity A Tale Of ‘Jiofied’ India. Brace Yourself For Laughs!

The brimming Reliance outlets

Some time ago in the past, Reliance mobile stores were no less than the secluded islands in the cities. In cluster of stores along the roadside, we couldn’t- hardly in the recent past- ever witness a crowd near the Reliance mobile showroom; however, Jio’s entry did make them feel ‘wanted’.


The grateful boyfriends

Girlfriends in India are intelligent only because the boyfriends in India are docile and stupid. They are more of like recharge dealers to their bossy girlfriends than being boyfriends.

Till the dawn of ‘jiofied’ India, half the pocket money of college-going boys was always earmarked for the recharge of their princesses’ mobile. But, Mukesh Ambani transfigured the fate of these over-loving boyfriends overnight.

So in ‘Jiofied’ India, to carry on the A.P of ‘love you’, ‘love you two, love you three’…. and so on has now become affordable enough by the grace of free data.

The new Tom and Jerry of Tele-communication industry

The telecom magnates Mittal and Ambani’s rivalry couldn’t be thwarted to manifest itself on the wall of ‘Twitter’. Never before in Indian telecom history, Mittal and Ambani were seen emulating Tom and Jerry.

It was on February fourteenth, the official day for lovers, when the telecom giants threw themselves into twitter-war in the garb of Valentine’s greetings.

Reliance Jio tweeted:

Dear @airtelIndia, @VodafoneIN, @ideacellular, Happy Valenine’s Day


To this, Airtel’s reflexive tweet was

Same feels @reliancejio! After all #HarEkFriendZarooriHotaHai  @VodafoneIN @ideacellular

airtel jio ookla A Tale Of ‘Jiofied’ India. Brace Yourself For Laughs!

The ‘3g’ plight

Beside religion, caste and income, India was divided once again. Yes, the two sects. One comprised of the oppressed ‘3g’ users who were declared ineligible to luxuriate in the freebies of ‘Jio’, while another comprised of the elite ‘4g’ users who owned ‘Jio’ SIM.


The increased ‘Jiogasm’

Smartphone density across the lengths and breadths of India is anyway not chockfull enough. To top, among Indians, smart use of smartphone is a seldom-seen phenomenon.

Internet connectivity and smart phones for most of them have never meant anything more than ‘porn’. Well, ‘orgasming’, up until a few months ago, was a way too costly process when prices per Giga Byte kept rocketing high and higher under Harrison and Mittal.

Moreover, India was suffused with an annoying un-excitement of Demonetization. The only excitement then was this new jargon of ‘jiogasm’, because jio saved them quite a few precious notes which Airtel and Vodafone SIM were demanding otherwise.

Oh yeah, the well-timed ‘jiofied’ India came as a much-needed spell of relief to cashless, ‘Modified’ India.

Aren’t you in consent with the above differences in India before and after ‘Jio’?


By Prerna Daga

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