Ed-tech players like Talentedge is ensuring that India is where the future of digital learning will be written as it is the fastest growing eLearning market

India is the fastest growing eLearning market in the world and this is where the future of digital learning will be written. The Indian eLearning market is planning to power ahead of China and the US in the coming decade and this surge will be fueled in part by the massive domestic demand for quality education by the youth of the country.

elearning market india New age Ed Tech players like Talentedge are giving India a leg up in the Global eLearning Arena

But how did we get here?

A brief look at how eLearning gained a following in India

eLearning only came into being in its current form in the 1990s. It started off as simple online resources aimed at closed groups of students and professionals. A big push for the industry came when, in the late 1990s and 2000s, corporates jumped onto the digital learning bandwagon to train employees en masse.

But it was just less than a decade ago when eLearning truly reached the masses! This is where the Indian market, with more reliable Internet access, started accessing the eLearning market. The Indian distance learning firms and eLearning creators were already servicing the international and corporate market, so the know-how and talent that was present in the country and was easily channeled to service the young learners looking for quality higher education options.

elearning in india New age Ed Tech players like Talentedge are giving India a leg up in the Global eLearning Arena

And the industry hasn’t looked back since then – the latest digital tech, the newest educational trends and global standards of pedagogy have been pressed into service to provide exceptional education.

Game-changing trends for Indian Ed-Tech firms

From a new entrant to the one of the biggest eLearning market in the world – in less than a decade! How did this happen?

As an IT powerhouse, Indian firms have always been a part of the global eLearning sector, but as suppliers of technology and content to international agencies and consumers. As the popularity of online learning with Indian students and professionals grew, new opportunities were opened up for Indian ed-tech players.

While both the K12 and higher education sector has seen exponential growth, it is in the higher education section that digital learning has created a revolution! For countless young men and women in India, digital learning has opened the doors to superior education – making the inaccessible a reality.

Ed-Tech companies such as Talentedge have been at the forefront of this educational revolution – they have disrupted the existing educational structures by delivering high-quality courses from some of the best Indian and International institutes at a great price! Add to this the convenience and flexibility inherent to the online learning model and you would cease to wonder why students and professionals are turning to eLearning in droves.

A few years ago, most students turned to eLearning due to some restriction – they were either geographically removed from better institutes or couldn’t crack the entrance exam or couldn’t afford the fees of a private institute. But that mindset has changed now – more and more people are enrolling for online courses not just for the sake of convenience (though of course, that is a factor) but because of the quality of learning offered. And this is one of the main reasons that digital learning companies like Talentedge will grow even further in the country – India is, after all, a country where education is revered and people recognize quality!

elearning company New age Ed Tech players like Talentedge are giving India a leg up in the Global eLearning Arena

Sealing the success

A look at one of the best known digital learning firms, Talentedge, reveals three reasons for the success of the Indian eLearning sector –

  • Access to the best educational and engineering talent with the cost benefits of the Indian location – our home-grown IT and pedagogical talent has made it possible for the Indian ed tech players to shine in the global eLearning arena.
  • Quality and accreditation – Talentedge courses consist of exception educational material taught by well-known faculty and accredited by premier institutions.
  • Practical, Career furthering content – Courses are heavily inclined towards using content that is applicable in real life situations. The idea is to make sure the students understand the concepts thoroughly and can use them in their jobs instantly.

With over 3,00,000 learners on its rolls, it is obvious that the Talentedge model has been successful and is worth replicating on a larger scale to ensure that the Indian eLearning model stays on the path to growth.

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