Recently expressed views of Syed Ali Shah Geelani about Republic Day celebrations are rather like those of the Taliban; the Taliban in Kashmir

Who Needs the Taliban When We Have Geelanigeelani barks again india opines TALIBAN IN KASHMIR

  1. The Chairman of Kashmir’s Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani, is not known for doing anything very constructive; choosing instead to criticize, condemn whatever and whoever he can. Now with a recently issued statement of his, it is as though it is the Taliban in Kashmir!
  2. Geelani called for a poll boycott in the recent Jammu and Kashmir elections and even tried to dismiss the high voter turnout, saying it was not genuine.
  3. He now has another ‘cause’ – Geelani has called for a shutdown on the 26th of January and has asked people to stay away from the Republic Day celebrations. Something akin to this was to be expected from the separatist.
  4. However it is the rationale behind the call for boycott that is of interest: he supposedly objects to the circular by the Provincial Administration of Kashmir in directs participation of the government employees in the 26 January function of government. This is tantamount to sheer ‘hooliganism and coercion’ according to Geelani.
  5. It is Geelani’s view that school children, teachers and parents should perform their “national duty” by staying away from the Republic day celebrations.
  6. Geelani has another grouse against Republic celebration that betrays a distinctly Talibanesque mind set: he has taken great offence at some girls practicing for a Republic Day performance because according to him, “it doesn’t suit to a conscious person to allow his daughter for performing dance and singing in front of the unknown persons.” He added that “It is also against our collective conscious.” (Source)
  7. ‘Leaders’ such as Geelani are intent on circumscribing and controlling the actions of innocent children; this episode is another example of the obstructive politics that he and his ilk indulge in. With people like Geelani around, it is as though the Kashmiris have their very own brand of the Taliban!
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