What moral right do you have as a Finance Minister to question Mr Modi ? People of India will decide in 2014… who is fooling India. and who should be voted in power.

P. Chidamabaramthe Finance Minister of this country who has never ever spoken about his cabinet ministers loot of this country?

Palaniappan Chidambaram   World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011 Look who is talking against Narendra Modi ?   Part 1

Palaniappan Chidambaram

Who is a custodian of the treasury- money that belongs to people of India.  When it was being looted by his own party alliance partner Lalu Prasad Yadav, who has now been sent to 5 years in jail, was this finance Minister sleeping? Or a part of the loot?

His own Congress party Raja sabha MP Rashid Masood, who was looting, has now convicted by a special CBI Court, for corruption, cheating & forgery. Having amassed huge wealth through corrupt means, Was this Finance Minister sleeping? Or was he party to this loot?

2G scam, coalgate scam, Adarsh scam, Augusta Westland Chopper scam, Irrigation scam, Land scams, Roads and bridges scams, Telecom scam, Defense scams, food and grains scam, when ministers from his Congress party were looting this country, what was this Finance minister doing?

What is his job and responsibility? Watch the looting like a spectator?

When section of the media was exposing scams after scams, why was he silent and did not try to investigate further to find out the truth ? Why was he not proactive as a Finance Minister when media was exposing many scams? He was apparently seen on the side of the scamsters and coming forward in their defense even in the parliament?

Was he also party to this loot? That as a Finance minister he chose to ignore such serious allegations against his own ministers? Why do people not raise question about his credibility? Today, he is talking about Modi’s  past record.

When countries like Germany, were willing to give the list of account holders, probably of black money in Billions looted by the Indian politicians, businessmen, and kept in Swiss accounts, Why was this Finance minister quiet? Is his name also in the list?

That Black money belongs to India and as a Finance minister of India, should he not be pro-active in getting that money back into Indian economy ? And as a Finance minister, does he not think , it is a crime to generate black money in India, and even a bigger crime to keep it in the foreign banks?

Or is he too part of this crime since he preferred to keep quiet?

As a Finance minister of this country…is he not responsible, answerable and accountable to people of India for allowing this loot to go unchecked ? And when it was brought to his notice, what action he and his government (while in power)  took ?

Mr Chidamabaram… Today you are questioning Narendra Modi’s past track record. What about your own past record of the last one decade?

Can You explain to the people of this country about the above loot when the country trusted you for the Finance Minister’s job?

What moral right do you have as a Finance Minister to question Mr Modi ? People of India will decide in 2014… who is fooling India. and who should be voted in power. Not Chidamabaram and his Congress.

Congress has lots its credibility today and has to answer on many scams. Not Narendra Modi.

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Image Source: By World Economic Forum [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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