This is not the regular saas bahu drama, Tamanna serial has a lot of offer to each and everyone. We need more serials like Tamanna

Not every day we get a serial where almost every aspect inspires us somehow or the other. Though Sar Plus has maintained its Nayi Soch angle from decades, it has finally launched the serial with a Nayi Soch. Yes, the serial Tamanna is one such serial where the writers and the channel is promoting good things and trying to make this world a better place to live in.

Yes, the topic covered by Tamanna is indeed motivational. Here we share reasons why Tamanna is an inspiring serial:

dharaa fighting spirit 5 Reasons How & Why Tamanna Serial Motivates Us

It Teaches to Fight Against Our Disability and Insecurity

In the serial Dinesh stammers a lot yet Dharaa chooses him to be the captain of the team. While the entire team has issues with Dinesh becoming the captain including Dinesh, Dharaa motivates him enough. In fact, Roy Sir tells him how to keep his insecurities aside and fight for one’s dream. Dinesh understands well. Interestingly, he understands his capability cannot overshadow his disability. What’s more, he gets the strength to get out from the web of insecurities.

tamanna women empowerment 5 Reasons How & Why Tamanna Serial Motivates Us

Tamanna Serial Promotes Unity in Diversity

The serial has very skillfully touched upon the topic of Unity in Diversity where despite a lot of hatred amongst the two communities, we see people coming close to each other. The way the writers and makers have touched upon the topic is worth appreciating.

tamanna quotes 5 Reasons How & Why Tamanna Serial Motivates Us


The bond between the Muslim chacha and Dharaa’s daughter Shubhangi is the perfect example of how things should be in an ideal society.

It Teaches Women to Fight against All Odds

Dharaa was ready to sacrifice her everything for her husband and marital life. Post marriage, she even started giving her passion less priority than her marriage. However, her husband betrayed her and Dharaa didn’t sit and cry over her loss. Instead, she decided to fight back not just for herself but also her daughter. No wonder, the serial promotes Women Empowerment.

star plus serial tamanna 5 Reasons How & Why Tamanna Serial Motivates Us

The Serial Makes Us Realize About Moral Duties and Ethics

Tamanna serial is less about family drama and more about societal woes. It teaches us the meaning of helping each other by considering everyone as one. Here, Dharaa helps the students, Sanjay helps Dharaa, Samir helps Bashir and Bashir protects Dharaa’s daughter Shubhangi. The cycle goes on making us realize the importance of helping each other.

sanjay tamanna 5 Reasons How & Why Tamanna Serial Motivates Us


The Serial Urges Us to Dream

While, the saas bahu saga gives us nothing but negativity, the serial Tamanna is very optimistic. It not only sends out positive message but also urges us to continue dreaming despite all the odds coming our way. This is the reason why Roy Sir too despite suffering from Cancer dreams of winning the trophy.

cricket tamanna serial 5 Reasons How & Why Tamanna Serial Motivates Us

The positive spirit shown in the serial is worth appreciating. Almost all the characters gives us a positive message. We definitely need more and more serials like Tamanna so that when the younger lots have something to learn from Hindi TV serials. Let TV be an inspiration to the youth rather than being a distraction.

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