Tamil language ‘so special,so unique’ qualifies as India’s national language,based on merits!Tamil,is not just a language,it is mother of languages!

All of us may not be aware that India has no approved ‘National Language’ while it has a ‘National Bird’ ‘National Animal’,’National Tree’,’National Flag’,and a’National Anthem’as well.When we have so many ‘nationals’why not have a ‘National Language’ too ? There is no dearth of languages in our country as it boasts of so many languages rich,old,varied and developed .Why not select one of them strictly on merits and declare it the’National Language of Pride’?

lotus rain Is not Tamil the best candidate for Indias National Language?

The Criteria For National Status

The main criteria for selection of ‘national symbols’ are based on

1. The ‘origin or belonging to our nation factor’of the selection

2. The ‘uniqueness or speciality’ of the selection

Let us understand that ‘majority’or ‘predominance’ factor does not play while according to ‘national’ status to any selection. Talking about a ‘national language’ for India, Arignar Anna of DMK Party,Tamil Nadu, referred to the selection of  ‘Peacock’ as national bird.He argued that ‘Peacock’ is our national bird not because ‘it is in majority’ but because it is ‘so special’ .’If ‘majority’ is the criteria, ‘crow’ would have won  as the ‘national bird’he reasoned. He argued that ‘On the same grounds,Tamil language ‘so special,so unique’ qualifies as India’s national language,based  on merits!Tamil,is not just a language,it is mother of languages!Its so special !’

tamil top Is not Tamil the best candidate for Indias National Language?

What’s so special about Tamil language?

· Tamil is the oldest surviving language known and possibly the ‘Mother of all Mother-Tongues’

· Tamil is arguably the ‘First formal language ever spoken by ‘Man’

· All major language families in the world have some kind of unexplained connection with Tamil language.Greek,Latin,Hebrew,Korean,Chinese are a few of them.

· Presence of Tamil words throughout the world from Australia to Africa is well documented.

· Tamil has the most advanced literature with 3 Branches of ‘Iyal,Isai and Natakam’(Prose,Music,Drama)

· It also has 2 distinct portfolios ‘Aham’ and’Puram’ referring to ‘Love life’ and ‘War Life’

· Tamil has the most developed vocabulary in the world. Eg-Elephant has 60 names and Lion 24 names!

· Tamil has most advanced astronomy/medicine/religion/science/mathematics Eg.Tamil has a name for ‘number raised to the power of 22’

· Tamil medicine ‘Siddha’ could be 10000 or more years old.

· Yoga,Ayurveda etc. branched out from Tamil culture.

· Most important universal words in spiritual realm are Tamil based.The word ‘God’ is derived from Tamil word’kadavul’ and the word’Satan’ is also derived from Tamil word’saathan’ .The name’Jesus’ is related to Tamil word ‘Eesun’ meaning’God’

introduction to language and tamil language Is not Tamil the best candidate for Indias National Language?




· Jesus is reported to have spoken Tamil on the cross. Click here.

· Sanskrit is a derivative of Tamil video

· Many more…

So it is wise for the Centre to declare Tamil as ‘India’s National Language of Pride’ and show case India as the home of the oldest language in the world.After all we need to be proud of something we have which is so unique and incomparable and which no other country can boast of !This will also strengthen Centre’s effort to promote Hindi as ‘official language’ in the South ,as Tamils would be pleased by this grant of national status to their mother tongue.North Indians who are not aware of the greatness of Tamil language will be encouraged to learn Tamil and respect its culture.It may be of interest for readers to know that Tamil is national/official language in Australia,Canada,Sri Lanka,Singapore,Malaysia,Mauritius,Seychelles and Reunion but not’of special status’ in its own homeland India.

By Alvaro Hans

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